writing research topics

1. A Mature Student's Application To University.

Desc: 2 pgs. 0 f/c. 0b.

2. A Scholarship Essay.

Desc: This is a scholarship essay to receive a financial aid.

3. 11974Interview with an Old Man: Harold Levine.

Desc: This interview will be directed toward Harold Levine, a ex-war veteran and now eighty years old. He will be telling about the life that he has lived, as well what he learned from the experience of being young. By recalling most of these ideas, he will start from the beginning of his life to the present tense in the scope of this interview. 5 pgs, no bibliography.

4. A Trip to Vienna.

Desc: A foreign student describes a trip to Vienna in simple terms. Ideal for a basic class.

5. Are All People Equal In Essence-As Humans .

Desc: This is a 3-page paper on the equality of humans further made clear through a scenario that makes a person choose a human sacrifice in an emergency situation. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

6. A 21 Year-old Explains Why He Does Not Wish to Try Ecstasy .

Desc: 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

7. A Biography of Joseph Makowski

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the way that we can write a biography from a series of interviews with Joseph Makowski. In this way, we can assemble a manner of biography from the answers given, and the give a critical anaylsis of how his family grew to retirement. By understanding this process we can see family development, and learn to write a brief biography in the acheivements of this military man.

8. A Brief Argument Regarding Prostitution as an Occupation

Desc: This 3-page undergraduate paper answers the question, Should prostitution be considered as an occupation? This paper uses Conceptual Analysis Techniques to argue that prostitution should be considered an occupation for four main reasons. First, this essay argues that prostitution should be considered an occupation because more resources can be allotted to fighting serious crimes rather than seeking prostitutes. Secondly, this essay argues that prostitution should be considered an occupation because as an occupation, controls and rules would necessarily be put in place, which would allow prostitution to be regulated, thus reducing abuse and related crimes. Thirdly, this essay argues that prostitution should be considered an occupation because increased health care and services for prostitutes would increase safety for prostitutes and give them the benefits, which are currently available to other workers. Finally, this essay argues that prostitution should be considered an occupation because such a definition would offer protection both to prostitutes and society.

9. A Career in the Health Care System.

Desc: This paper is an analysis of different perspectives that helped me in deciding a career as a Physician Assistant. 2-pages, no bibliography.

10. A Cause and Affect Analysis of the September 11th Attacks on the Twin Towers.

Desc: This paper will discuss the affects of September 11th in my life. By understanding how this terrible tragedy was brought upon in my personal and business life, there can be a fuller understanding of how the attack changed my way of living. By citing examples from the situations that have occurred from this horrifying event, will hopefully make me more aware of the psychological affects it had on me. 3 pgs. No bibliography.

11. A Character Analysis of Araby by James Joyce, and Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Desc: This paper will discuss the characterization of the 'outsider' in two stories: Araby by James Joyce, and Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne. By examining the central characters in the story, and some of eh

12. A Comparison and Contrast of the Seventies and Eighties in American History

Desc: This paper will compare and contrast the different American decades of the 1970's and the 1980's. By making clear associations with the political leadership in these times, we can see how the Presidents of these time frames operated, and how differing economics under this leadership prevailed. In this way, we can see the pros and cons of each decade in question.

13. A Comparison of Two Forms of Expository Writing.

Desc: This essay looks at two ways of expository writing, cause and effect, and comparisons and contrasts. This essay explains both styles of expository writing. 3 pgs. 3 f/c. 2b.

14. A Contrast Analysis of The Swimmer and The Sorrows of Gin by John Cheever

Desc: A paper that contrasts two stories: The Swimmer and The Sorrows of Gin by John Cheever. By showing a character analysis of each of the stories, we can assemble an argument to show their differences on the subject of alcoholism.

15. A Contrast of Heroes: The Heroes of the Iliad by Homer and Joshua in the Bible versus Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut and The Soldier's Home by Earnest Hemingway.

Desc: An analysis of the certain heroes that are within the Iliad by Homer, The Soldier's Home by Hemingway, Bluebeard by Vonnegut, and Joshua in the Bible. By contrasting these distant examples of heroes in history, we can see how they differ.

16. A Creative Admission Essay.

Desc: Create and answer your own college essay question of my choice. It must be organized and expressed clearly.

17. A Current Event: The Twin Towers Attack.

Desc: This essay will e about the Twin Tower attacks in New York City on September 11th. My aim will be to express how I felt about the situation and Americans to open their eyes, become aware of world issues, and urge our diplomatic leaders to remain neutral. 3 pgs. No sources listed.

18. A Day at Sea.

Desc: This three page undergraduate essay describes an adventurous day out on the Atlantic Ocean aboard a forty-seven foot ocean yacht named the Justina IV, based out of Key West, Florida. While deep sea fishing for marlin and other big game fish, the two passengers learn a little about the meaning of life and the lure of romance. 3 pgs. No bibliography is provided.

19. A Diary of Sergei O'Byrne.

Desc: This diary depicts a fictitious episode of a human discovering another planet. It details a day by day exploration and experience in the new planet discovered. 9 pgs. 0 f/c. 0b.

20. A False Puzzle.

Desc: This essay will look at this debate in the context of the puzzle, "Doing Business with Devil," and will explore the debate through the points of view of R. Rucker's Infinity and the Mind and G. Lakoff and R. Nunez's Where Mathematics Comes From.

21. A Letter To the American President.

Desc: This paper takes the form of a letter to a new President of the United States from a Chinese diplomat stationed in Taiwan. The letter emphasizes that the United States not abandon Taiwan due to the fact that this would promote warfare. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

22. A List of Administration.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper essay is based in the year 2010 c.e. when the newly elected President of Earth government has come into office after years of warfare. A partial list of the new administration is issued that includes ancient men and women who existed before 1600 c.e. justifying the reasons for being assigned to a particular job. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

23. A Meaningful Life: What I Believe.

Desc: This four-page undergraduate research paper examines the components of a meaningful life. The author discusses the circumstances and qualities that make up a life rich with meaning, compares what religious leaders and philosophers have said about the meaning of life, and offers her own philosophy of life. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

24. A Modern Tale of Hamlet.

Desc: This is a story that will tell how hamlet fell in love with Ophelia, but found that their love could never be actually accomplished. In Los Angeles, Hamlet is a troubled youth who is drawn into the clues of his father's death. While Ophelia truly loves him, it cannot be hidden that Hamlet has knifed her father while talking to Hamlet's mother. We now go to the room where Hamlet; there, in their Beverly Hills Mansion, kills Polonius, and the process of destruction can now begin. 4-pages, bibliography lists 1 source.

25. A Moral Dilemma.

Desc: This paper discusses the moral dilemma I once faced in experimenting with cocaine. The paper discusses what the utilitarian, categorical imperative, and virtue ethics positions would have instructed me to do. The utilitarian position would give me a green light, since it values individual freedom. The imperative would say no, since there are higher moral laws. The virtue ethics position would also say no, since doing the virtuous thing is the priority. 9 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

26. A Motorbike and a Bicycle.

Desc: This is a 3-page paper comparison between a bicycle and a motorcycle. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

27. A Personal Experience - My First Date.

Desc: This first person essay is a discussion of the personal experiences leading up to and finally going on a young man's first date. 4 pgs, no bibliography.

28. A Place of Borders: Niagara Falls

Desc: This 2-page undergraduate paper is descriptive essay, examining why Niagara Falls is personally important. This essay describes the water of Niagara Falls, and notes the differences between the Canadian and the American sides. It describes Clifton Hill and the tourists traveling in the area. This essay also provides a brief description of the Niagara Falls museum, one of the oldest attractions of the area. Finally, this paper suggests that Niagara Falls is important because it teaches the author to reflect upon family, border spaces, history, and people.

29. A Reflective View On Crime Against Humanity And Terrorism In The World At This Point In Time.

Desc: This three-page essay is on "A reflective view on crime against humanity and terrorism in the world at this point in time". 3 pgs, bibliography lists 1 source.

30. A Sad Time.

Desc: An Arabic student tells the tale of having a live in girlfriend against Arabic rules and the loss of her when he had to return him. A very emotional, but simply written story.

31. A Scandal in Bohemia.

Desc: This paper discusses how the King of Bohemia hires Holmes to get incriminating photograph of Irene Adler. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (1859-1930) - Scottish-born English writer known for his detective stories based around the character of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle was a physician before gaining fame as a writer and, in his later years, he devoted most of his time to the study of spiritualism and the occult.1 A Scandal in Bohemia (1891) - The King of Bohemia hires Holmes to get an incriminating photograph from Irene Adler, the only woman to ever outwit Holmes.

32. A Second Chance: Committing a Future to Education at the Collegiate Level

Desc: This paper will seek to understand how a young hockey player was nurtured to become a great player at this sport. However, being injured in recent times, he was unable to play the game any longer. His desire to go to college is his next goal in life. This is the main application of this essay, as he argues for his ability to take his confidence in hockey into the sacred halls of learning.

33. A Significant Relationship.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper is about a person that one has known personally and with whom one has had a significant relationship. My mother has influenced me in overpowering ways. There are things that I may not have wanted her to influence me with. But this was not in my control until I learned recently that I must only be influenced by people in good ways. When I see bad behavior, I must hate it without rejecting people in order to not adopt the bad habits. 3 pgs. No bibliography listed.

34. A Special Place In The Heart: Christmas At Home.

Desc: This three-page, 750 word essay is an example of a personal recollection. It talks about Christmas at home, and what makes this time so special for the writer. It contains detailed memories. It is written in first person and has no cites. 3 pgs. No sources listed.

35. A Western Tale of Johnny Zinger and his Skull Handled Guns

Desc: This creative writing assigment will seek present a western tale of Johnny Zinger and his Skull Handled Guns. By showing how this western hero duels with his arch enemy, Doc Riffraff, we can see the tension between these two rival gunfighters. However, this is no normal gun battle in a dusty western town. Johnny is in for a big suprise just as he draws his guns...

36. A Woman's Place Is in the Home.

Desc: This paper debates whether or not a woman's place is in the home. The sentiment of this writer is that times are changing and with the advent of the Internet and e-commerce both sexes will get what they want. 5 pgs. 5 f/c. 4b.

37. A lesson of Life.

Desc: This is a 3-page paper on the knowledge that the youth impart to elders. 3-pages, bibliography lists 1 source.

38. Academic Preparation for College

Desc: This paper will seek to show the various educational opportunites that a student can take when seeking to become acquainted wtih college level math, grammar, and library usage. By understanding how participation in advanced classes in high school, as well as with private tutors, creates this very advantage. This is how students can prepare for college level academics.

39. Across The Miles: The Best Friend, Heather.

Desc: This 3-page undergraduate essay describes a best friend.

40. Addressing the Demand for a College Education in the Modern Professional Workplace.

Desc: This paper explores why it is necessary to earn a college education in order to achieve success in the professional workforce. 3 pgs. No bibliography.

41. Addressing the Use of Epiphany and Irony as Literary Devices in Two Updike Stories.

Desc: Author John Updike is regarded as proficient in the use of the literary devices of irony and epiphany, where he utilized the situations in which his characters are located against the environment of the story to either demonstrate an ironic situation or a life- changing realization. Two of Updike's stories, "Packed Dirt, Churchgoing, a Dying Cat, a Traded Car" and "Pigeon Feathers," serve as excellent examples of Updike's use of these techniques. This paper explores these stories in order to demonstrate to the reader exactly how the presentation of irony and epiphany help to direct the fate of the protagonist David Kern within these two short stories.

42. Admission Essay.

Desc: This essay focuses on the achievements and future goals of the applicant and also presents his/her reasons for opting for nursing as a career and choosing Brockton Hospital School of Nursing.

43. Admissions Essay - Graduate School

Desc: This document is an example of an academic Graduate admissions essay for application to US Davis School of Education. It contains personal anecdotes, descriptions of previous study and work experience, as well emphasising the passion of the subject to continue study in their chosen fields. The summary accurately reflects the thread of the paper, refering back to the orignal paragraph and ties up the message the student in this instance wants to convey.

44. Admissions Essay in the Form of a Retirement Speech.

Desc: This paper is a reflection essay, written in the form of a retirement speech, where a leader in aviation mechanics addresses his past forty years in the industry. 4 pgs. No bibliography.

45. Admissions Essays

Desc: This is a series of admissions essays for an MBA program at Rotman's school in Toronto. The student is asked about what he can contribute to the program and what motivates him to persue an MBA at Rotman's. Other questions include how the student would like others to see him or say about him in ten years time, and about a mistake that the student has made professionally.

46. Advertising And Its Influence.

Desc: This three-page paper presents the opinion that advertising has influence over those it targets. The influence can be both positive and negative but the influence cannot be denied. 3 pgs. No bibliography listed.

47. Amateur Automotive Technicians: The True Professionals.

Desc: This descriptive essay defines the true automotive hobbyist, his life, and his character. Great fun and for all levels. It concludes that the hobbyist is probably a better mechanic.

48. Ambition As A Tool.

Desc: This three-page paper presents a discussion about the usefulness of ambition. The author talks about the ways ambition works to prod people into action and keep them moving forward through life. 3 pgs. No bibliography listed.

49. An Advantageous Lesson in Morals.

Desc: This is a narrative essay that seeks to understand the nature of morality in the dating field. By applying the compositional skills of narration, this essay will show how to use dialogue, as well show time in the techniques of writing in this way. By learning English composition, the elements of style can be applied to use narrative form. 4 pgs. No bibliography.

50. An Analysis in Advertising: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Desc: This paper will anaylze Clorox Advertising Wipes to reveal how advertising is used in a magazine medium. By using the magazine National Enquirer for October 7th, 2003, we can see how color schmes, subliminal messages, and domestic tranquility form the basis for this Ad. By reaching the greatest audience possible, the company uses these strategies to account for the middle and upper classes in American society in selling the Ad.

51. An Analysis of a Weight Loss Ad in Star Magazine for September 30th, 2003

Desc: This paper will seek to examine and rectify an Ad in the Star Magazine for September 30th, 2003. The Ad, taken from page 50, details the use of a drug called Phentermine, and how it used to help women lose weight. By studying the visual, stereotyical, and information-based incentives for this product, we can evaluate this in advertising terminology.

52. An Argument Against Student Vouchers.

Desc: This paper will be an argumentative paper against school vouchers and how they are stifling the school system that many Americans are being educated by. By analyzing the many aspects of this way of taking public taxes and sending a student, formally from a public school that earned the award of money, we can see how this is unconstitutional for a public fund to be used for sectarian, or religious schools otherwise not allowed in the Constitution of the United States because it connects government with private religious schools. This will be the main argument that will be presented against this new form of using taxpayer's money for the use of private schools that are not affected by public laws of education. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

53. An Argument Essay For The Rights Of Women To Have An Abortion In The United States.

Desc: This paper will discuss the idea of fetal and abortion laws that currently are being placed within the United States. By analyzing the different levels of state and federal mandates placed on abortion, we can discover the different levels of life, as defined by these laws.

54. An Argument for Free Speech on Campus.

Desc: This paper will argue for freedom of speech on campus and seek to show how this can be created for a liberal view on the school grounds. By understanding the relationship that the faculty have with the students, free speech should be used to create a better understanding of the role of student and the governing powers of the land to help make our opinions more vocally announced. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

55. An Argument Supporting the Wearing of Fur.

Desc: This paper will discuss the case for the rights of animals to be a secondary factor and to be able to have limited rights, especially when it comes to killing them for their fur. This essay will discuss the angles given on why we should not place some much worry into killing these animals because humans can stay warm. By analyzing what different sources say on this issue it becomes clear why this a morally irrelevant issue when it comes to animal rights. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

56. An Argumental View Against Patenting in Rational Terms.

Desc: The ethical dimension will certainly be discussed through the paper but it is interesting that a 'hot' issue pertains to 'commodities' that probably cannot be defended by patents. The central argument will be against patenting of the kind, in rational terms, more than ideas of the sanctity of life found in much NGO or critical political material. (Leahy,2002).

57. An Argumentative Paper On The High Prices Of Gas That The U.S. Buys From Another Country And Why The U.S. Should Dig Their Own Oil Up And Use It.

Desc: This is a 3-page argumentative paper on why the Americans should dig their oil reserve and use it instead of depending on other countries. It contains 3-sources. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

58. An Essay on the Potential to Contribute

Desc: This essay will seek to show a possible college of attendance that a student has the ability to lead through good communications, team values, and ability to be selfless when dealing with administration of campus life at the college. In this way, the high school candiate can use experience and leadership to help them gain entrance into the college of their choice.

59. An Ethical Argument for Variegate Porphyria to the College Admission Committee.

Desc: This paper will seek to address a college admission committee to admit a student with variegate porphyria into the school, and why they should be allowed to go to that University. By these means we can make a genetic ethics argument on this subject.

60. An Examination: Literature As Perfect In Every Way.

Desc: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." When Alphonse Karr said this, he could easily have been talking about the themes in Western literature. There is a theme which runs through literature from Homer to our century, like a seam of gold in a rock. No matter what the actual matter is, almost all literature depicts it in this way: it shows human beings, not as they are, but as they should be. All literature is to some extent an idealization, a depiction of a sort of perfect being, beyond the reach of any human. This is not to say that all characters in literature are angels, or perfectly good: that is obviously false. But even flawed or downright evil characters are, in a way, perfect and idealized in their evilness. To prove this thesis, this paper will begin with Homer, the first writer in the Western literary tradition, and continue right up to century: the idealized depictions are consistent throughout. 4 pgs. 0 f/c. 9b.

61. An Oryx is not a Vacuum.

Desc: This tragic but fun story tells the story of a young man visiting Egypt who has his automobile sat on by an Oryx and then having the animal urinate on it. Well written and suitable for any level.

62. Analogy of a Cell: Its Structures and Functions to a City.

Desc: A 3-page creative paper that compares the Cell and its Structures and Functions to a City.

63. Analysis of The End of Art .

Desc: This eight-page undergraduate paper is an analysis of "The End of Art". It is simultaneously a disagreement with Danto, since his own conclusion concerning philosophy, replacing art is not actually argued in his article. 8 pgs, bibliography lists 1 source.

64. Analysis of an Article About the Dramatic Work of M. Butterfly.

Desc: The following is a 4-page analysis of an article about the dramatic work M. Butterfly. This paper is written on a graduate level, and discusses how the writer's intention may disagree with the audience's interpretation of a piece. It contains no sources.

65. Analysis of Fitzpatrick's and Gellately's Article.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper summarizes the main themes of Fitzpatrick's and Gellately's article, and summarizes what was learned, along with evaluating the argument. Terms and definitions, and a note on sources are included. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

66. Analytic Essay.

Desc: An Analysis of Lucien Bianco on the Possibility of Successful Reform in the Kuomintang Era.

67. Analyzing My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses.

Desc: In this four-page paper, I will look at my personal strengths and weaknesses. I will be as honest as possible in presenting both sides of my personal picture, learning about myself and how I can improve in life.

68. Analyzing the Privilege of Attending College in Qualifying for a Job

Desc: This paper will discuss the advantages of attending a college, and to seek why it is a privilege to be attend one of these knowledge centers. In this manner, we can see why internships and certificates are important when utilizing college knowledge in getting a job. In this way, it makes it easier to find employment, and to succeed in in the work world.

69. And It Begins Again.

Desc: This three-page paper presents a fictionalized sequel to The Glass Menagerie. The author of this paper presents a story of what might have happened had the Glass Menagerie continued and the characters played out. 3 pgs. No bibliography provided.

70. Annoying Shoppers.

Desc: This essay describes, with great humor, three types of annoying shoppers and who they make the grocery store a nightmare. Suitable for all levels. Very entertaining. May also be used for classification.

71. Answers to Admission Essays Medical School.

Desc: Of all the hurdles you face when applying to medical school, writing the personal statement is among the most formidable. This paper answers various questions that relate to admission to medical school.

72. Anti-Abortion Argument.

Desc: The following is a 3-page undergraduate argumentative paper against abortions. This is not a research report. It is based on opinion. 3 pgs. No sources listed.

73. Antibacterial Hand Soap.

Desc: This is a 4-page paper that weighs the pros and cons of using antibacterial soap. 4 pgs, bibliography lists 5 sources.

74. Appeal letter to UCLA.

Desc: This is an application letter to UCLA. A 4-year college degree opens before you avenues you did not know existed. More appropriate career prospects, more money, social respect and status are just a few of the reasons to make the decision and opt for college. Heightened emphasis on the benefits and advantages of a college education are encouraging more students to go for higher studies which also includes me.

75. Application Essay For Applying CPE (Common Professional Exam) In The UK

Desc: This is a model application essay for the common professional exam (CPE). My dreams and aspirations are to be so successful that I am not dependent on anyone else also encompassing my dream is to be able to help out the people of all classes and gender. Although there are many fields to which I feel can contribute very effectively and efficiently but it is this field of law which appeal me the most. I say this keeping in mind the fact that it is the lawyers who help many innocent people get justice in the rough judicial environment prevailing in our society.

76. application

Desc: TEWE note: make sure to fill in each field with only one word that is relevant to the paper i.e. a death penalty debate paper would be death penalty debate) Description: Please include at least 350 characters in your description: Note: make sure to fill in each field with only one word that is relevant to the paper i.e. a death penalty debate paper would be death penalty debate) Description: Please include at least 350 characters in your description:

77. Application Essays to Embry-Riddle.

Desc: This paper is a personal application to a university. It is an examination of what one wants to achieve from their education as well as what they expect for their life upon achievement of that education. 5 pgs. No bibliography listed.

78. Application For Graduate School.

Desc: This is a personal statement for application to graduate school in teaching. MLA format.

79. Application for Key Club International Scholarship

Desc: My name is Keith A. Zrinyi and I am currently a senior at Steubenville High School in Steubenville, Ohio. I have been a member of the Steubenville High School Key Club for four years, served as Junior Representative in 2002, and was elected president of our Key Club during my senior year. In order to redeem the confidence our members placed in my by honoring me with this office, I have worked hard to provide effective leadership during my term as president and have been grateful for the support all of our Key Club members have provided me.

80. Application for admission to the MSc Local Economic Development or the MSc Culture and Society

Desc: I would like to be considered for admission to either of these programs. I believe that either one would be an excellent fit for my abilities, education and experience. I believe they will give me the focused social science expertise and skills that I need to pursue my chosen career. I have solid educational credentials, as well as international experience.

81. Applying For College Or Employment.

Desc: This is a personal experience paper that can be written for applying for college or employment. The writer lists several personal experience examples. In writing any personal experience paper it is important to brain storm for ideas and experiences that a person has had.

82. Appreciation and Honesty.

Desc: This is a 3-page paper in MLA style that connects the words appreciation and honesty for their human value. 3 pgs. No bibliography provided.

83. Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Study.

Desc: This model case paper deals with an agency's hierarchical organizational structure no longer being appropriate to meet external threats and realize the opportunities in the market place. Regular case study headings apply in this case with the following: situational analysis, problem statement, alternatives, recommendations and implementations. 5.5 pgs. 1 f/c. 5b.

84. Are Emotions Irrational

Desc: This is an essay that examines the question, "Are emotions irrational." The essay adopts a pro-con position in responding to the question, and draws on hypothetical examples as well as the TV program, "Star Trek" to produce an evaluation of the question. The essay concludes that emotions are not, in themselves, irrational, and can be subjected to rational understandings. 5 pgs. No sources.

85. Are The Seven Sisters A Friend To the Liberated Woman

Desc: This 12-page undergraduate paper analyzes whether the women's magazines McCall's, Ladies' Home Journal, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman's Day, and Better Homes and Gardens are a friend to the liberated woman of today. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

86. Argument Analysis.

Desc: This paper discusses the importance of argument essays. The argument in question has given a pretty sensible reason in favor of its case. It is a widely accepted fact that if any group of individuals disagrees or agrees on any issue, the number of individuals expressing their likes or dislikes indicates how strong their opinions are towards that particular issue. The argument under discussion has clearly stated the facts pertaining to the issue and therefore it has formed an opinion on the basis of those facts. This has helped the arguer to further strengthen his position.

87. Argument Essay for Women in the Military.

Desc: This paper takes a first-person argumentative approach towards the inclusion and the equality of women within the armed forces.

88. Argumentative Essay.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate argumentative essay paper, which agrees and supports the issue of gun control and argues on the basis that guns should be decreased and limited. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

89. Art Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.

Desc: This four-page paper gives a narrative essay about what art is to the author and what art means to the author. We are taken with the author through the various types of art as well as the way art affects the human heart and mind. There were no sources used to complete this paper. 4 pgs. No bibliography provided.

90. Art Shows What Is Behind The Windows To The Soul.

Desc: This two-page paper discusses what was meant when the Spanish psychologist and international political essayist Salvador de Madariaga once said, "Art is the conveyance of spirit by means of matter. The author of this paper takes us on a journey of art and the human spirit. The reader views a discussion on the ways the two may be interlinked and that is what the psychologist was referring to with his words of wisdom. There were no sources used to complete this opinion piece. 2 pgs. No bibliography listed.

91. Art Theme.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper is a short story with an art historical theme set in the Greek time period. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

92. Article Summary: Is American Literary Naturalism Dead A Further Inquiry by Donald Pizer

Desc: In this article Donald Pfizer examines whether American literary naturalism is dead. Pfizer starts off by acknowledging that it is indeed dead, but stating that naturalistic streams and themes continue to be present in American literature, in much the same way as the romanticism of Coleridge, Keats and Shelley was dead by the end of the 19th century, and yet continued to live on in new forms and themes appropriate to the changing times.

93. Asking why there is a universe like the one in which we are is like asking why someone won the lottery.

Desc: The answer will either be trivial or it will require assumptions which are implausible, unconfirmable or both.This essay discusses the question of why asking about why there is a universe will never really lead to any concrete answer. That is because any kind of answer that we can give is ultimately unconfirmable. Confirmation is needed in order for us to know something for sure. It is the only vehicle through which meaning can be derived in metaphysics. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

94. Assessing Short Fiction Stories.

Desc: Assessing short fiction consists of studying the characters, the scene, the conflict, the point of view, the plot, did the story deliver the promise to the reader.

95. Automotive Ignorance: The Rage Trap.

Desc: An Arabic student tells his nightmare of trying to have his car fixed on a trip from California to Washington. The narrative is comic.

96. Eddie Murphy Laughter and Humor

Desc: Laughter is like changing a baby's diaper - it doesn't permanently solve any problems, but it makes things more acceptable for a while (gizmotude 1). Can you listen and talk to animals? Eddie Murphy's movie, Dr. Dolittle, was a barrel of laughs as Eddie Murphy talked to a variety of animals. The saying is that when a person laughs, the world will laugh with them. Cry and you cry alone. When I feel down in the dumps or discouraged, I can put one of Eddie Murphy's movies into my VCR and laugh. If I could spend time with any one person of my choice, it would be Eddie Murphy. I'd love to learn how he makes the world laugh so that I might make others laugh too. Laughter brings joy to the world.

97. Editorial: The American Obsession with Fast Food

Desc: This editorial will focus on the reasons why Americans need fast food in relation to food cooked at home. By understandig the fast paced nature of American society, we can surely see why fast food has become popular in the last thirty years. By examining some of these points, we can understand the obsession for fast food in the American culture of today.

98. Education And Different Voices Of Culture.

Desc: This three page essay presents a discussion about the extent education now involves a conversation of different voices regarding cultural diversity. The author draws on personal experience as well as general knowledge to complete this paper. 3 pgs. No bibliography.

99. Education Is Not Indoctrination.

Desc: This essay is based on Freire's "Banking Concept of Education" and describes a nightmarish experience with an accounting teacher. The main focus is the physical; description of the teacher as a stereotype. The essay may also be used as a narrative example.

100. Education in Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Desc: This comparison and contrast essay shows the differences between the educational system in Saudi Arabia and America. IT is written from the perspective of a Saudi student. Education is one of the fundamental social institutions in every society, but each culture develops its own specific educational system based on its needs and values. Educational systems prepare people for careers in their society, indoctrinate citizens into cultural values, and act as a screening tool for the society to discover it's best and brightest. However, each society has its own focus and its own means of educating its people, and there are no two educational systems that could be more different than the educational system in the United States and the educational system in Saudi Arabia.

101. Educational Goals And Interests

Desc: This is a college application essay. The student describes why he wants to attend the college and the importance of an education. After receiving a diploma certificate form the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE, it has been my dream to pursue my higher studies in America. Reason? America is undoubtedly "land of immense opportunities". All my life I have been astounds by the beauty of nature. Being a renowned designer has always been my passion. To be an interior designer or a decorator you ought to have strong aesthetic and artistic nature of mind, a creative imagination and a keen eye. For that purpose I plan to attend Arizona State University. To study with and learn from people with varied backgrounds will also help me in developing my personality.

102. Elder Tales: The Woman Who Raised Butterflies.

Desc: This paper contains an "elder tale" composed by he author, based on the work described in Allan Chinen's In the Ever After. It then offers an analysis of the tale, highlighting the importance of solitude in the 'elder' stage of life, and the symbolism of butterflies in the 'fairy tale' at the beginning of the paper. The paper also deals with the Jungian archetype of the Hermit, an important facet of elders' lives and their perception in culture. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

103. English Composition: A Visual Analysis of Cartoon 4.3

Desc: This paper will describe how cartoon 4.3 is effective for moral and ethical purposes. The overweight patient and doctor (a symbol of gluttony and laziness), the grim urban sprawl beneath the suicidal patient, and the foreboding image of death all provoke a loss of moral and ethical behavior due to the advent of assisted suicide in Oregon. By creating a satire on the medical community's loss of the Hippocratic Oath, surely the carton is effective by presenting dark humor.

104. Entrance Essay to Public Administration Graduate Program.

Desc: Life is a series of challenges and opportunities that builds character and resolve. Over the course of my life I have experienced a great deal that has smoothed the edge and impetuousness of youth and given me stability and indeed, character and resolve. Growing up in a third-world country, experiencing the British education system, working for businesses both small and large, and, most importantly, raising my two-year old son, has all given me a perspective on life and upon my future that reinforces my strength of conviction, sense of morality, and dedication to self-improvement. Which makes me an ideal candidate for a graduate program in Public Administration.

105. Entrance Essay.

Desc: This three-page essay presents reasons that the author wishes to be admitted to the graduate psychology program at the university. The things she has done in her past as well as her undergraduate studies are all discussed. She also talks about pertinent recent books she has read as well as her views of human nature. 3 pgs. No bibliography listed.

106. Escape from the Carnivorous Carnival: Part 10

Desc: This creative writing sample will take the end of The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snickett, and seek to show the book resolves itself in a new and creative way. By showing dialogue from the characters created by Snickett, we can reveal how one can approach creative writing for 9-12 year old writing levels in novelette format. This will be the objective of this creative writing assignment.

107. Escape.

Desc: This short undergraduate essay expresses some thoughts about how escapes can affect human experience. As part of the discussion, some of Richard Stewart's ideas concerning escapism are included. The essay concludes with the observation that knowing oneself is the ultimate purpose of life and that avoiding introspection achieves nothing. 2 pgs. No bibliography provided.

108. Evaluating, Negotiating And Determining: Circumstances Compel Us To Decide.

Desc: This 5-page undergraduate essay looks at the ways in which circumstance leads to decision, with a special focus on examples from the events of September 11. 5 pgs, bibliography lists 2 sources.

109. Evolution Versus Creation.

Desc: Since time immemorial one thing has and will always remain a myth for centuries to come. This paper analyses how much truth is in human being the descendants of monkeys or was the human race created by Adam and Eve. 7 pgs, bibliography lists 5 sources.

110. Exam Study Questions.

Desc: This paper is actually exam questions answered. The first one is about Roxama Ng and Eliot Friedson.

111. Examining my Behavior and the Behavior of Others.

Desc: This narrative is told from the perspective of a Persian woman. It documents how she interprets her behavior and the behavior of others. It indicates what psychological approaches she uses.

112. Exercises in Summary Writing in Essay Formats

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the methods of summarizing that can use to create abstracts from essays in education. By making sure to make clear certain points in the essays presented we can understand how thoughts are collected when makiing summaries in literature. Also, by using a deductive format to find paragraph summaries, we can learn how a single sentence can be summarized through these methods.

113. Finding the Meaning of Life.

Desc: A [personal narrative about a young Saudi who grows dramatically after discovering he is terminally ill. A formerly vile and nasty person, he now knows the meaning of life and cares for people because of his experience. He has a new life. Very emotional and revealing.

114. Freedom Of Speech Fights Against Crime Rate.

Desc: This three-page paper is an essay about what the author does and does not like about the United States of America. 3 pgs. No bibliography listed.

115. From Sands to Sand Castles.

Desc: This is a personal description of Hussain Al-Dhaheni, a former governor of a provenience of Saudi Arabia. It is told from the son's perspective. Every child is born with an unknown potential. A human being with a mind and soul to be shaped by outside events, family influences, culture, society, and the physical environment in person's destiny is known and often the seemingly predictable dismal future of an individual born into an environment without resources, knowledge, or creativity is eliminated by personal initiative, risk taking, and the willingness to be the deviate. My father was just such a man. Born into poverty and ignorance, he broke the mold of his Bedouin tribe, accepted the alienation of taking a stand against tradition, and built a life that produced a political career, 43 children, and a better life for all of the people of the Hafer Al-Baten province of Saudi Arabia. Many photographs included. Detail is intense. The description is a tale of the development of a region and life, is also applicable to an analysis essay.