biology research topics

1. A Compare And Contrast Analysis: Atopy Allergy Verses Pollution Induced Allergy.

Desc: This paper will analyze the two articles Pollution and Asthma by Pat Musto, RN, as well as Outdoor air pollution and children's respiratory symptoms in the steel cities of New South Wales by Peter Lewis. By understanding two different views on the causes for allergies, we can see how they compare and contrast in their methods of research.

2. A Critical Review of Saskura and Makabe (2002).

Desc: This paper provides a critical review of the developmental biology paper: "Identification of cist Elements Which Direct the Localization of Maternal mRNAs to the Posterior Pole of Ascidians Embryos" by Saskura and Makabe (2002).

3. A Health and Psychological Research Analysis: Stress and the Common Cold

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the nature of the common cold, and how it is affected by stress factors in psychology. By using empirical case studies that determine the psychological influence of behavior with sickness, we can understand how psychologists can help make their patients more aware of these dual biological interactions in therapy sessions.

4. A Systematic Examination of Circadian Clock Genes

Desc: This paper will examine the molecular functioning of the genes and proteins that control and regulate the circadian rhythm that is so fundamental a part of every organism on this planet. It will consider the role that proteins such as PER and TIM play, not to mention photoreceptors like CRY. The paper will not only consider the facts that are known about circadian rhythms on the molecular level, but also what is not known including whether or not circadian controls are centralized or localized in the case of mammals.

5. A University Nutritional Analysis: Weight Gaining Factors on College Campuses

Desc: This paper will examine the nature of college dietary habits of students, and how they gain weight. By understanding the term "Freshman 15", we can surely see that self serve cafeterias in universities offer a greater risk of students becoming overweight when living in campus life. By having the statistical data to show these weight gaining factors, we can understand this serious health risk to American students.

6. An Analysis of Creationst Science Theory in Objection to Darwins Evolutionist Theory

Desc: This paper will seek to understand how Creationist thought counteracts modern science-with modern science. By refuting the mostly dominant evolutionist thinking since Darwin, religious thinkers have taken to refuting scientific experiments and theory through the medium of science. In this way, we can see Creationist views of the Big Bang, Man's evolution, and theories on Carbon 14 Dating.

7. Are Animals (Monkeys, Birds) Capable Of Acquiring Language

Desc: This paper argues that some non-human species do possess true language.

8. Are We Inheritors Of Our Parents Genes.

Desc: This four-page paper looks at whether genes are an inherent design or the human make up or whether humans are a collaboration between inherited genetics and environmental issues. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

9. Aspects of Protein Structure

Desc: This paper will discuss protein. The structure of protein will be examined. As well the conformation and stability of the protein along with its purpose within the structure will be discussed. Current trends in this area of biochemistry used from peer reviewed scientific journals will be used for the discussion of the protein structure. The most current studies in this area will be mentioned.