mathematics research topics

1. A Paper on Steve Smale.

Desc: This paper will give a summary of the life of Steve Smale. Also, this paper will discuss his career and what he did in the fields of mathematics that he worked. In. By examine this man's life, we can better understand how he influenced modern mathematics in the Twentieth Century. 2 pgs. No sources listed.

2. A Short Biography of Evelyn Boyd Granville: Second African American Woman Mathematician

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the life and accomplishments of Evelyn Boyd Granville, the African American mathematician in the United States. In her many jobs with the United States government, we can see her outstanding skills in computing for the likes of NASA and other prestigious organizations. Also, we can learn her accomplishments in bringing education to students through innovative programs in math.

3. A Short Discussion of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem.

Desc: 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

4. Addressing Nonparametric Methods of Statistical Analysis in Unique and Uncommon Data Sets: A Review of the Research.

Desc: This paper demonstrates that nonparametric statistical analysis methods are preferred in addressing smaller, non- specific data samples that are gathered through medical and psychiatric work. This is accomplished through first accessing why it is necessary to qualify statistics as part of a research assignment, and then provides a critical review of the literature in order to demonstrate why nonparametric data analysis techniques are actually more effective than standardized data analysis techniques in examining specific types of data sets. 30 pgs. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

5. Algebra and Lean Manufacturing

Desc: Doing business is simply mathematics by other means - all a question of keeping equations in balance on both sides. Labour must be balanced with capital. Resources with allocation. Customers with services or goods. Workers with rewards. The only way that such balances can be instituted and maintained is through a system of management control. At the heart of any well-run business operation is a sound theory of control and overall operating strategy. There are a variety of management control systems, for not every system is well suited for every production situation. Moreover, each management control system incorporates a particular philosophy of work (Anderegg, 2000). One of the key tools that can be used by managers as they seek to make their factories more efficient is algebra.

6. A History of some aspects of Mathematics.

Desc: This essay discusses some aspects of the history of mathematics from the earliest mathematical records to the modern era. In the scope of a short essay, it is only possible to touch on some selected aspects of a broad and encompassing subject. The essay begins by outlining some of the key developments as a whole, before further subdividing into three sections: Greek mathematical developments; Chinese and Middle Eastern developments; and Western developments. The essay concludes by drawing attention to the enormous scope of the history of mathematics. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.