130 Pressing Religious Research Paper Topics You Should Highlight

Religion is the oldest and still so much-needed invention of humanity. First, people had pagan rites and idols, then joining the larger religious communities. The significant place in the series of events is held by conflicts that have grown up on religious grounds. The question then arises if religious canons say a person should live in harmony with himself and others, then how to view all these wars and armed conflicts.

Religion is studied in most colleges and teaches us to be tolerant. Thus, college students are often assigned to write theology research topics. PaperCoach writing platform can provide you with all the required information on this issue and even create a paper on theology from scratch.

Picking Up a Religious Topic for Research Papers

  • Understand the assignment. Before writing, you should consider the following things: how many pages you have to write, what kind of research your teacher asked for, how long your bibliography should be, etc.
  • Brainstorm topics you are interested in and put them down.
  • Refine, narrow, and direct your religious research topic in a more specific area.
  • Discuss your topic with an advisor or classmates to understand if your topic is catchy for an audience.
  • Find and read resources related to your possible topics.
  • Develop research paper questions to be sure you will be able to point them out in your paper.

Steps in Writing a Religious Research Paper Topic

  1. Formulate the research problem. It’s a question in your mind before you start researching it.
  2. Make a literature review. Read theoretical material that has been written on a particular problem.
  3. Develop a hypothesis (a possible answer to your question).
  4. Formulate a method of conducting your research.
  5. Collect relevant data on your research. You might use any tools of data collection like interviews, questionnaires, or rating scales.
  6. Analyze the research information you have studied.
  7. Draw the conclusion after evaluating your hypothesis.
  8. Make a report telling about your research flow and its conclusion.
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To ease your search and choice of topics, we have developed 130 theological questions to investigate. Scroll the page to the end to find the most appropriate theology paper topic.

130 Exciting Religious Research Paper Topics to Create for Students

World Religions Research Paper Topics

  1. Impact of Religion on Humans Today: Faith as a State of Being Ultimately Concerned
  2. Worshiping in Different Religions
  3. How Does Religion Explain Ancestor Worship?
  4. Role of Women in the Islamic Society
  5. Dalai Lama as the Leader of Buddhism
  6. Who Are the Maccabees?
  7. Reincarnation in Hinduism
  8. The Main Difference Between Hinduism and Buddhism
  9. The Study of Lao Tzu
  10. Basic Differences Between Judaism and Christianity
  11. Beliefs and Practices in Paganism
  12. What Can Ahimsa Teach Us?
  13. The Buddhist Monks Teaching
  14. Imperialism of English in Islam
  15. Shintoism in Japan and Its Aspects

Knowledge of the population's religious background helps to understand the economic and social geography of different countries better. The role of religion in society keeps being important today. The right choice of the world religion paper topic will prove it.

Catchy Topics on Religious History

  1. History of Ramadan
  2. Life of Jesus Christ
  3. The Role Played by Men in Hindu Religion
  4. Julian of Norwich as the Main Religion Figure for Contemporary Religion
  5. Early Christian Church
  6. Prominent Religious Events in the US History
  7. Representation of Religion and Violence in Solomon Northup From “12 Years a Slave”
  8. The Emergence of Islam
  9. The Confucianism Teaching
  10. Judaism: From the Very Beginning to Our Days
  11. The Development of Modern Japan’s Religion
  12. Impact of Ancient Greek Mythology on Present-Day World
  13. The Emergence of Modern Religions Without God
  14. How Did New Religions Appear?
  15. Outstanding Figures in Various Religions
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Theology research paper topics are attractive for those who want to dive into ancient times and find out how religious teaching emerged and developed. The following topics can be flexible enough and generate new ones.

Research Paper Topics on Religion in the Present-Day World

  1. Role of Genders in Religion
  2. How Does Religion Affect Politics?
  3. Importance of Christian Ethics in Business
  4. Causes of Faith Crisis in the Modern World
  5. Mecca as a Tourist Location
  6. Religion and Terrorism
  7. Contemporary Political Establishments in Islamic Society
  8. Up-to-Date Religious Celebrations
  9. Importance of Religion Events for Teenagers
  10. Religious Books Everyone Should Read
  11. Meaning of Life in Current Pace of Life
  12. The Worldview by Christians
  13. Why Teach Religion in Schools?
  14. Animalism in the Present-Day World
  15. Fields of Life That Religion Concerns

Religion is an integral part of the modern world, as it performs vital social functions. The key factor in understanding the role of religion in the various processes is a scientific understanding of this phenomenon.

Ethics and Religion Topics for Research Paper

  1. Morality Reasoning of Teenagers
  2. What Is Religious Ethics?
  3. Ethical Questions in Religious Traditions
  4. Aspects of Hinduism Ethics
  5. Is the Bible an Ideal Guide to Solve Ethics Issues?
  6. Should We Follow Religious Ethics to Be Truly Good?
  7. Religious Ethics of Sex Issues in Different Religions
  8. What Does It Mean to Be Ethical to Another Religion?
  9. Islamic Ethical Principles
  10. Ethical Attitude to Religions Without God
  11. Ethical Value of the Statement, “If You Believe in God, You Know What Is Right or Wrong”
  12. The Necessity of Essays on Biblical Worldview for College Students
  13. Tolerance to Atheism: What Does It Mean?
  14. World Religious Issues and Ethical Approach to Them
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Each religion develops ethical rules, ethical standards, and values that guide believers in secular, daily, personal, and social situations. All codes are based on a special approach to religious ethics, according to which ethical behavior is considered an integral part of spiritual growth.

Interesting Topics About Philosophy of Religion

  1. Philosophy of Karma
  2. Philosophical Approach to Buddhism Teaching
  3. Philosophical Ideas in “Traveling Mercies” by Anne Lamott
  4. What is God?
  5. Does Jihadi-Salafism Really Include Philosopic Teaching?
  6. Finding Philosophy in Yoga Practice
  7. Islamic Philosophy
  8. Why Is the Soul Immortal?
  9. The Paradox of Hedonism
  10. Religion as a Way to Make Our Life Better
  11. Does God Approve the Act of Self-Sacrifice?
  12. Why Are Students Assigned to Write a Research Paper on the Existence of God?
  13. What Will Happen to People Who Stop Believing in God?
  14. Philosophical Questions That Religion Can Answer

The main point of philosophy of religion topics is to teach you to see the issue core and find possible solutions. Researching any of these topics, you will be able to learn something valuable and useful for yourself.

Understanding of Religious Mythology Topics

  1. Facts We Know About Druids
  2. Gods and Characters in Greek Mythology
  3. What Do Mythological Tales Teach Us?
  4. The Working Principles of Mythotherapy
  5. Effect of Mythology on Religion
  6. Difference Between Greek and Roman Mythology
  7. The Beginning of Greek Mythology
  8. Ancient Greek Literary Works and Their Meaning for Religion
  9. Basic Aspects of Gender in Mythology
  10. Religious Symbols in Mythology
  11. Impact of Medieval Legends on Religion
  12. Mythological Creatures in Early Religion Teaching
  13. Why Is Studying Mythology So Important in College?
  14. Common Things Between Greek Mythology and Paganism
  15. Modern Interpretation of Mount Olympus
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You might have overread catchy Greek myths and legends in childhood and didn't even think about their influence on world religions. Now it’s time to see the other side of your favorite ancient story.

Topics for Discussion Religious Architecture

  1. Religious Impact on Architecture
  2. Religious Buildings as Places of Worship
  3. 10 Religious Buildings You Have to Visit
  4. Postwar Religious Buildings Across the World
  5. Traditions in Creating Religious Buildings
  6. Types of Religious Structures
  7. Importance of Religious Constructions
  8. Most Famous Temples in India
  9. Mosques That Are Worth Visiting
  10. The Main Aims to Visit Synagogues
  11. Who Is Responsible for Building Religious Shelters?
  12. What to Wear to Different Types of Religious Places?
  13. Ways to Preserve Old Religious Constructions
  14. Reasons to Visit Mosques

Religious architecture can be taken in different ways as a place of interest for tourists or a sacred spot to get off your chest. No matter how you consider religious buildings, each building is unique and has its own history.

Worship and Ritual College Research Paper Topics

  1. The Existence of Black Magic
  2. Beliefs and Practices in Buddhism
  3. Sacred Animals in Various Religions
  4. Psychology of Rituals
  5. Where Does Worship Come From?
  6. Theory of Islamic Rituals
  7. Religious Rituals in the USA
  8. Halloween Rituals in the UK
  9. Ritual as a Performance
  10. Ancestors Worship in the Chinese Culture
  11. Spiritual Rituals and Its Consequences
  12. Ritual Practice in Christianity
  13. The Tradition of Animals Worship
  14. Rituals in Paganism
  15. Impact of Ancient Rituals on Religion
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People have always wondered about things that others worship. This topic usually raises a bunch of controversial ideas and tricky questions. Why not look into the situation and highlight the main issues concerning worshipping and rituals?

Research Topics on Religion and Politics

  1. Reasons Why Politics and Religion Can’t Be Separated
  2. Historical Religious Roots in Politics
  3. Religious Institutions and Its Cooperation With Government
  4. Can Religion Dictate Rules to Politicians?
  5. Religious Beliefs in Politics
  6. Results of Religious and Political Leaders Collaboration
  7. Why Does Church Support Officials?
  8. Role of Religion in the American Political Society
  9. How Does Religion Help in Political Issues?
  10. Implementation of Religious Practices in the Political World
  11. Should Society Insist on Separating Religion and Politics?
  12. Religious Rituals as a Way to Defeat Rivals: Myth or Reality?
  13. Examples of Politicals Leaders Who Are Involved in Religion Issues

Politics and religion have always been interconnected. However, the nature of the relationship has changed. To get to know how the deep collaboration of politics and religion is, you might investigate a lot of things and structure a good paper to support your facts.

Have you picked up a research topic in theology, but still have no idea how to structure your work? Make a point of your practical and simple tips to arrange your research well.

Parts of Research Paper

  1. Introduction. Say why you do this study and what benefits your work can bring to the current field. You also have to provide background information to evaluate the present study without referring to the previous one.
  2. Methods and materials. You need to describe what methods you used to conduct the study on a biblical thesis topic.
  3. Results. Answer what you found and show the detailed results in the natural order.
  4. Discussions. In this section, don't forget to tell what your results mean and explain the research's wider implications.
  5. Conclusions. It’s a final statement that leads back to the introduction. The results of the findings you are looking for in your introduction should be shown in your conclusion.

The writing-process of Christian research topics requires a lot of energy and time, and, as a result, some students feel drained at an early stage. So, if writing is not your strong suit, you had better get professional help from PaperCoach experts. Could you imagine how much time you can save entrusted with creating a thesis topic for Christianity or theology issues? No need to guess! Just buy an essay from our writers, and you will be surprised how professionally and quickly your paper could be written!


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