Psychology Research Topics - 150 Brilliant Ideas for Your Paper

Studying psychology is no doubt interesting, and that is why a vast majority of undergraduates choose this discipline as their major. When getting a degree, psychology students deal with a pile of writing tasks, and usually, they require in-depth research.

How to Choose Excellent Psychology Paper Topics?

Are you doing your best to decide on psychology research topics? Finding the right idea is an arduous task, for sure, and it can be even harder doing it than completing an assignment. The foremost step is deciding what branch of psychology to focus on. The number of subfields in this discipline is constantly growing, and each of them represents a definite area.

The key to picking interesting and nontrivial topics in psychology is to choose something that is not too wide or narrow. Making sure there is enough material for conducting thorough research that is what will save you from sleepless nights, feeling dumbfounded, and having long hours of brooding about your assignment.

When choosing social or experimental psychology research topics, make sure they lie within your area of interest. Some unusual and non-worn-out ideas may be found on various news websites, in online newspapers, or popular articles. Keep from two to four research topics in hand before you start conducting the research. You may decide to pick another topic due to some unexpected obstacles. Be flexible about changes; no one is immune from them.

Psychology Research Paper Topics for College and University Students

We want to assist you in selecting the right idea for your assignment, so check this list right now.

Child Psychology Research Topics

When growing, children go through various stages of development. A variety of factors, like cultural and environmental, affect their growing up and help them get a unique view of the world. Pick one of the psychology topics about children for your research paper and write about possible challenges children may face when growing.

  1. Childhood Trauma and Its Impact on Future Health.
  2. Main Causes of Anger in Children: How to Deal With It.
  3. Typical Behavior of Children From 1 to 4 years.
  4. Abnormal Brain Development and Autism.
  5. Does Parental Negligence Lead to Child Obesity?
  6. Hyperactive Children - Biology or Environmental Impact?
  7. Top Reasons for Depression in Children.
  8. Self-centered Parents and Mental Wellbeing of Children.
  9. Birth Order and Its Effect on Personality.
  10. Impact of Violent Video Games on Child’s Behavior Pattern.
  11. Child Abuse: Main Preventive Measures.
  12. Relation Between Stress and Infant Diseases.
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Developmental Psychology Research Topics

For a better understanding of how to communicate with your child and help with managing emotions, being aware of the normal psychological patterns is vital. The following research topics for psychology papers are worth exploring to identify signs of abnormal behaviors and to detect the causes of the most behavioral issues, including hyperactivity.

  1. Case Study on Child Development Theories.
  2. Emotional Development: From Infant to Adolescence.
  3. Intellectual Growth: Four Main Stages.
  4. Language Development in Children from 3 to 7 years.
  5. Eight Stages of Social Development by Erikson’s Theory.
  6. Storytelling as a Perfect Way to Affect Child’s Development.
  7. Does Music Help Children Perform Better in School?
  8. Bullying and Its Effect on Academic Performance.
  9. Mental Games and Developing Cognitive Skills.

Sports Psychology Research Topics

Are you concerned with how to affect the performance of athletes and help them cope with enormous pressure? Pick one of the following sports psychology topics to think and write about and start completing an impressive paper to get fresh ideas for the betterment of sports.

  1. Self-Motivation: Best Ways to Develop It
  2. Role of Coaches in Developing Confidence in Players.
  3. How to Keep Yourself Calm on the Field.
  4. Low Confidence in Sportsmen: How to Deal With It?
  5. Perfect Ways to Enhance Performance of Football Players.
  6. How Sports Psychology Helps Athletes Get Success.
  7. Managing Emotions While Participating in Sports Activities.
  8. How to Prevent Getting Out of Control on the Field.
  9. What Makes a Successful Team.
  10. Coping With Stress of a Competitive Lifestyle.
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Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

Maladaptive behaviors, mental or emotional disorders have always been the fields of great interest for you? Consider choosing one of the following psychological research paper topics to create an assignment that will surpass your professor’s expectations. Psychology essay and research paper topics from this list are a top choice, for sure.

  1. Anorexia: Main Causes of Eating Disorders.
  2. Anxiety Disorder: How to Deal With It.
  3. How to Get Rid of Suicidal Thoughts.
  4. Main Causes of Multiple Personality Disorder.
  5. Mood Disorders Among Video Gamers.
  6. How to Deal With Teenage Phobias.
  7. Stalking: Is It One of the Psychological Disorders.
  8. How Asexuality Is Related to the Psychology of an Individual.
  9. Roots of Eating Disorders Among Children.
  10. Perfect Ways to Control Death-Related Thoughts.
  11. Why Is There an Increase in Having Numerous Phobias Among Adults.

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

Want to learn more about the way we think and remember things? Going to help people deal with numerous psychological difficulties? Here is a list of psychology research paper topics for students interested in numerous mental processes and things going on inside our brain.

  1. Influence of the Attention Deficit on the Development of a Child.
  2. Discussing the Main Effects of Autism.
  3. Cognitive Development Studies and Colorful Psychology.
  4. How to Deal With Memory Loss.
  5. The Correlation Between Memories and Behavior of Individuals.
  6. Ideal Ways to Develop Problem Solving Abilities in Teenagers.
  7. How Speech Disorder Affects Cognitive Development.
  8. Subconscious and Its Effect on making Decisions.
  9. How Do Children Encounter Memories?
  10. Is It Possible to Measure Critical Thinking?
  11. Effect of Judgements on Our Behavior.
  12. The Ways People Repress Memories.
  13. Influence of Hyperactivity Disorder on Our Development.
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Clinical Psychology Research Topics

The main thing when choosing topics for assignments in psychology is to pick the one that won’t make you feel overwhelmed or will limit your research. We’ve created this list of topics to help you create an impressive assignment for your academic success and to provide your input in the field.

  1. The Role of Psychology in Treating Chronic Pain.
  2. Cognitive Therapy and the Way It Helps to Treat Panic Attacks.
  3. Addictive Nature of Antidepressants and How to Start Living Without Them.
  4. Therapy Practices Applied When Treating Depression.
  5. How to Treat Insomnia.
  6. New Ways to Treat Numerous Types of Addictions.
  7. Does Family Therapy Really Help?
  8. What Leads to Sleep Disorders.
  9. Factors Leading to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.
  10. Behavioral Therapy in Treating Criminals.

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Doing experiments is what makes you happy, and you are going to start examining the relationships between the human mind and behavior. You are on the right path. These undergraduate experimental research topics for psychology papers will help you discover something new about the behavior and cognition.

  1. The Role of Colors in Improving Mood. How Green Color Can Help You Relax.
  2. Does the Lack of Breakfast Affect the Daily Routine?
  3. The Rising Level of Violence After Using Social Media.
  4. Is It a True Statement - Geniuses Are not Born, but Made.
  5. Explain the Meaning of a Term “Mood Freezing”.
  6. How Double Foot-in-Door Is Used for Manipulation.
  7. Explain Effect Heuristic Using Examples.
  8. Is It True That Cloning of Humans Is Our Future?
  9. What Colors Help to Enhance Learning?
  10. Do Women Remember Words Faster Than Men?
  11. The Utilization of Colored Paper to Help Children Boost Memory.
  12. Does It Mean You Are More Creative If You Are a Fan of Jazz?
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Social Psychology Research Topics

Here is a list of the perfect social psychological essay and research paper topics to help you complete an impressive assignment. This branch of psychology studies the way people think and relate to each other in everyday life. Writing about prejudice, culture influence, relations in groups, and human behavior will help you discover something new and become one step closer to understanding the real human nature.

  1. Homophobia in the Modern Society.
  2. Causes of Gender Discrimination.
  3. Way Social Anxiety Affects Human Beings.
  4. Definition of Social Depression and How to Deal With It.
  5. Measures for Controlling Aggressive Behavior During Demonstrations.
  6. Racial Discrimination and Its Effects.
  7. Influence of Peer Pressure on Teenagers.
  8. Disagreements in Marriage and Their Influence on Children.
  9. How Divorce of Parents Affects the Development of a Child.
  10. Violent Video Games and Mental Health.
  11. Main Reasons for Bullying Among Children.
  12. The Effect of Romantic Songs on Children.
  13. How Our Behavior Is Modeled by Society.
  14. How to Form the Right Habits.
  15. Narcissism and Its Effect on Mental Health.
  16. All You Need to Know About Divorce Counselling.
  17. Violent Cartoons and Music and Their Influence on Children.
  18. Will Gay Adoption Be Popular in the Nearest Future?
  19. Main Causes of Gender Discrimination.
  20. How Single parenting Affects the Mental Development of a Child.
  21. Abortion and Couple’s Health.
  22. Disability and Discrimination.

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

This field of psychology got much interest in recent years. It offers vast opportunities to practitioners and those who deal with law each and every day. For conducting research in this area, pick one of the following topics.

  1. Is Pedophilia a Neurodevelopmental Disorder?
  2. What Is the Reason for the Increase of Terror Groups?
  3. Discuss Whether Serial Killers Have Mental Disorders.
  4. Are People Behaving Aggressively Commit Crimes More Often?
  5. Is Rehabilitation in Prisons Effective?
  6. Psychology of Juvenile Murderers.
  7. Reasons Affecting Mass Killing in the USA.
  8. Why Is Domestic Violence Often Neglected?
  9. Strategies Applied for Successful Internet Policing.
  10. Serial Killer as a Result of Poor Upbringing.
  11. Copycat Crimes and the Internet.
  12. Public Stereotypes of Criminals.
  13. The Role of Forensic Psychologist.
  14. An Impact of Role Enforcement on Private Life.
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The Most Interesting Psychology Topics

Haven’t found a great idea for your assignment in the lists above? Take a look at the list of the most interesting topics for your research assignment.

  1. The Role of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners.
  2. Personality and Behavioral Analysis of Forrest Gump.
  3. Characteristics and Role of Therapeutic Relationship.
  4. Case Study of Human Mental Development.
  5. Analysis of Steve Jobs Gestures and Speech.
  6. How to Develop a Win-Win Problem Solving Skill.
  7. How to Adjust to the Physical Disability.
  8. Is Social Identity Vital in Modern Society?
  9. Does Social Media Encourage Violence?
  10. Gender Roles in the Modern World.
  11. Perfect Ways to Improve Cognitive Skills.
  12. Living With Autism.
  13. How to Improve Analytical Abilities.
  14. Factors Leading to Psychopathic Actions.
  15. Euthanasia: How Can relatives Cope With.
  16. Gestalt Psychology - a Success or a Failure?
  17. Adults and Anxiety Disorders.
  18. Sexually Offending Behavior of College Students.
  19. Main Reasons for Domestic Abuse.
  20. How to Cure Agoraphobia.
  21. Ways to Reduce Bulimia in Teenagers.

Other Great Psychology Research Topics for College Students

  1. Discuss the Dynamics of Hysteria.
  2. Are Men More Likely to Get Depressed?
  3. Eating Disorders and a Portrait of an Ideal Body.
  4. Legal and principal aspects of gay adoption.
  5. Psychological Aspects of Looking After a Person With a Chronic Disease.
  6. Effective Strategies Applied to Help People Stop Smoking.
  7. Discuss Whether Dogs and Cats Can Recognize Human Emotions.
  8. All You Need to Know About Bipolar Disorder.
  9. The Behavior of an Extrovert.
  10. Emotional Abuse of Teenagers.
  11. Pros and Cons of Hypnosis.
  12. Problems of Homeless People.
  13. How to Get a Durable Marriage?
  14. Does the Narcissism of a Mother Affect the Child’s Mental Health?
  15. Is There a Link Between Depression and Obesity?
  16. Why Is the Divorce Rate Rising in the Modern Society?
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How to Do a Top-Quality Paper?

Completing a research assignment may seem like a nightmare if you have no idea where to start. There are a myriad of controversial topics in psychology worth attention. We’ll help you deal with this challenge providing helpful guidelines on how to write your assignment.

Do Research

This is the most interesting part, for sure. To find enough sources, you’ll have to spend long hours in the library and check numerous websites. So, choosing researchable topics in psychology is vital.

Think About an Outline

You'll feel tempted to stay writing your assignment without an outline. Please, don’t do it. Sketching an outline will help in organizing thoughts, and you’ll never lose the main idea when doing your assignment.

Start Writing

Having picked the right topic and creating an outline, it is high time to start completing an assignment. Focus on the writing process and put all your ideas down. When the first draft is ready, check it for typos and eliminate grammar mistakes. After editing, go through your paper one more time to be confident it is the best possible variant.

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