psychology research topics

1. Alcohol Ads Their Negative Effect on Minors.

Desc: 7 pgs. 19 f/c. 27b.

2. A Beautiful Mind - Schizophrenia

Desc: Abstract. This paper discusses the movie A Beautiful Mind while it compares the movie with the true-life happenings of a Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash, who had suffered from schizophrenia. Both the story and the movie played a successful part in portraying the disease as having no association with brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

3. A Book Review of "The Sane Society" by Erich Fromm.

Desc: This paper will discuss the book "The Sane Society" by Erich Fromm, and seek to understand what the major ideas are in his writings. By understanding this type of philosophy, we can learn how the humanistic psychology works in interpreting the mind. By using these devices in his book, we can see this as major source to understand it. 3 pgs, bibliography lists 1 source.

4. A Brief Overview of Behavior Modification.

Desc: This paper examines moderate behavioral problems in both adults and in children in respect to how such behaviors can be altered or prevented altogether. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

5. A Cameroon Teenager

Desc: This is a case study of a troubled fifteen-year old girl. She has a number of issues, including abandonment issues and feelings of not belonging. She currently resides in a Behavioural Institute. Here, her behaviour has gone from bad to worse. She original did reside with her biological mother, but made a false allegation of abuse against her mother, which got her removed to foster care.

6. A Case study in Schizophrenia: John Nash.

Desc: This 19-page paper gives a psychological case study of schizophrenic John Nash, using DSM IV guidelines to ascertain to diagnose and assess his conditions. Also outlining any social and cultural diversification that may have arisen from the diagnosis of his problem. 19 pgs. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

7. A child of seven kills animals, is disruptive in class and bullies other children

Desc: A 4-page paper that analyzes the case scenario where a child of seven kills animals, is disruptive in class and bullies other children

8. A Common Mechanism for Illusory and Occluded Object Completion

Desc: This paper provides a brief description of a study by the same name conducted by Kellman, Yin and Shipley (1998)on three experiments they completed to test the experimental model of previous sensory and perception ideals. The description is followed by a brief analysis and suggestions on improvements to both original models and the findings of this study.

9. A Compare and Contrast of William James and Konrad Lorenz on Instinct in Behavioral Determinism.

Desc: This paper will compare and contrast the theories of William James and Konrad Lorenz that determine the role of instinct in determining behavior. By understanding the inner nature of instinct within the human being, we can see how these two men agreed and disagreed on the nature of mankind to create a source of behavior. By revealing these theories we can see the real part that instinct plays within the complex notions of behavior as determined by these men. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

10. A Comparison and Contrast of William Bradford and Christopher Columbus.

Desc: This paper will compare and contrast (from the works in the text) the motivations of Christopher Columbus and William Bradford for coming to the new world and will show how these motivations shaped their attitudes towards the people as well as things they discovered. This paper will tell the extent to which they seem to have been driven by economics, religious beliefs or simply idealistic curiosity. It will about how these drives seem to have framed their vision of the new world and its inhabitants. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

11. A Comparison of the Ideas of Margaret Naumburg and Edith Kramer

Desc: This paper will examine the ideas and theories of two eminent artists, therapists and founding mothers of the field of Art Therapy. These individuals are Margaret Naumburg and Edith Kramer. Both, in their own way, have contributed to the emergence, and legitimization of the field of Art Therapy. In this paper, we will focus on the more theoretical aspects of the field, as well as the implications of these theories. We will draw on the ideas of other thinkers, who have contributed to the thoughts of both Naumburg and Kramer, and we will look deeply at the thoughts of each individually, before we spend some time comparing them.

12. A Contrast Analysis of The Swimmer and The Sorrows of Gin by John Cheever.

Desc: Synopsis: A paper that contrasts two stories: The Swimmer and The Sorrows of Gin by John Cheever. By showing a character analysis of each of the stories, we can assemble an argument to show their differences on the subject of alcoholism.

13. A Critical Analysis of the Article "Perceived Purposes of Sport Among Recreational Participants: The role of competitive dispositions" by Todd A. Ryska

Desc: This paper discusses psychology. This research paper will present a critical analysis of the article "Perceived purposes of sport among recreational participants: The role of competitive dispositions" by the renowned author Todd A. Ryska (2002). While examining the article for it's content, theme and approach, the paper will highlight the role of competitiveness, motivational goals and how the achievement theory of motivation influences the sportsman's perception thereby evoking his various emotions and bringing a change in the personality in general and behavior as well as performance in particular.

14. A Critical Discussion of Alfred Adler on Pessimism in First-Born Children.

Desc: This paper examines Adler's comments on the trait of pessimism that he regarded as a frequent indicator of neurosis that is often presented in first-born children. Adler's attention to the place in the family of patients encouraged much research into birth order and life experience in addition to symptomologies.

15. A Critical Review of Paul the Convert by Alan F. Segal

Desc: This paper will analyze Alan Segal's book "Paul the Convert". Segal is presenting a thesis that makes Paul's Jewish nature a strong factor in his objective to help unite Gentiles and Jews in Tarsus. In his conversion, he is not the type of Christian we might see in today's world, making Segal's psychoanalytical premise seem unfounded due to lack of historical or linguistic evidence.

16. A Critical Review.

Desc: A Critical Review of: Lay, C., Fairlie, P., Jackson, S., Ricci, T., Eisenberg, J., Sato, T., Teeaar, A., & Melamud, A. (1998). "Domain-specific allocentrism-indiocentrism: A measure of family connectedness". Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 29, 434-460. 7 pgs, bibliography lists 2 sources.

17. A Definition of the Word Sanity.

Desc: This paper will seek the origins of the word 'Sanity' and seek to find the nature of its reality in the context of semantics, as have been placed upon it. By looking into the scope of history, we can see how people and learned men and women are searching for a definition of the word and it implications. Also, a perspective on my account of the word will be given, to elucidate this historical research. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

18. A History of Memory.

Desc: This paper examines the Greek ideas and theories of memory and theories of memory through the late 1950'. Spiritual, social, biological, and emotional theories are discussed.

19. A Literary and Psychological Analysis: Carl Jungs Umbra or Shadow in Why Psychopaths Do Not Rule The World by Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig

Desc: This paper will seek to present a literary and psychological analysis: Carl Jung's Umbra or "Shadow" in "Why Psychopaths Do Not Rule the World" by Adolph Guggenbuhl-Craig. By showing the modern perspectives on Jung's Shadow theory in psychopathology, we can realize how this psychological theory can be viewed in a literary analysis in the writings of Mark Strand, Virginia Wolf, and Mark Richard.

20. A Literature Review for Ten Empirical Articles on Lunar Cycles and Mental Health.

Desc: This paper will do literature reviews on ten empirical studies on the moon and mental health that have been performed by modern psychologists. In this manner, we can reveal the various methods and diverse opinions on this phenomenon that occur within this sphere of thought.

21. A Methodological Assessment of D.M. Trice et al, Emotional Distress Regulation Takes Precedence Over Impulse Control: If You Feel Bad, Do It! Journal of Personality and Social Psych

Desc: The paper discusses impulse control as a quality that is, "one of the core features of the self", and the loss of this impulse control as a factor linked to a spectrum of personal and social problems including addictions and substance abuse, crime, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, school failure, debt and bankruptcy, sexually transmitted diseases, smoking and obesity. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

22. A Mind That Found Itself: The Story of How One Man fought for the Rights of those in Mental Health Hospitals and How his Book was accepted.

Desc: This twelve-page paper looks at the pioneer of the reworking of mental health institutions and the opening up of several committees that have aided in providing help for those who have suffered or are sufferers of mental health issues. Clifford Beers' published his book, A Mind That Found Itself, about his time in the mental health hospitals, it was here that he saw for the first time the atrocities that were being committed against those who were mentally ill. His book is a discussion and expose on the people and methods used. This paper looks at that book and how Beers was accepted by society after the publication of the book, also we look at how society has been affected by the publication of the book.

23. A Personal Analysis of Non-bias in Marriage and Family Therapy: Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace

Desc: This paper will seek to understand how counselors seek a medium in ethical consideration in sessions for family counselling. By understanding ethical views of world religion, race and creed through a Christian perspective, we can separate bias in interventions in family and marriage therapy by understanding the Bill of Rights and respect for differences in cultural values.

24. A Persuasive Argument Based on Theory and Strategies From Social Psychology.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper is an argument using strategies of persuasion and influence. The argument is based on the theory and suggested strategies, and is as realistic as you make such a proposal. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

25. A Psychohistorical Approach to the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Desc: This eight-page undergraduate essay takes a psychohistorical approach to the life of Marilyn Monroe, using the psychological theories of Alfred Adler, Karen Horney and Melanie Klein to explain some of the factors behind the actress's behavior. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

26. A Psychology Article Review.

Desc: This 8-page paper is a critical review of an article in a psychology journal. The paper shows how to review and critic an article and demonstrates the way it can be critiques for both strengths and weaknesses. The article uses concerns the recall of autobiographical memories. The Bibliography cites 5 sources. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

27. A Reaction to the Book Story Re-visions: Narrative Therapy in the Postmodern World by Alan Parry and Robert Doan.

Desc: This paper will be to get a reaction paper to the book: "Story Re-visions: Narrative Therapy in the Postmodern World" by Alan Parry and Robert Doan. The object of this essay is to create a discussion of narrative psychotherapy and it's effectiveness in family therapy. The many angles of this type of psychology will be expounded upon to create a sense of perception to this book and its authors. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

28. A Solutions-Focused Therapy Plan for a Hypothetical Family.

Desc: The central philosophy of solution-focused therapy is that clients bring with them strengths and capacities they can access and develop to make their lives more satisfactory. Assuming the client is the expert, the therapist is responsible for developing a collaborative context and helping the client articulate desired changes. The therapist magnifies client strengths, resources, and past successes, which leads to the construction of solutions. As the therapist and client create a cooperative context within which solution building ensues, information is collected in order to understand what will be different once the problem is solved. With an orientation to the present and future, solution-focused therapy uses language and techniques that address how problems will be solved rather than what caused the problem and how the problem is maintained. In the case of the Ward family, we have an opportunity to develop a family therapy plan that can really achieve a significant amount of positive effect. Solution-focused therapy will help each member appreciate the specific strengths of the others. It will also promote the kind of team-work necessary for a family, particularly one with as many challenges as the Wards face, to work towards goals. It is the purpose of this paper to use the Ward family as the case study to demonstrate the design and benefit of a solution-focused therapy program.APA format.13-pages, bibliography lists 2 sources.

29. A Study of Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE)

Desc: Abstract This study explores Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE). More specifically, the study investigates the capacity of individuals to process/absorb material when confronted with 'cognitive load' or, conversely, 'cognitive relief'. Such a study necessarily entails incorporating various sources of prior research. As a result, the research methodology of this paper incorporated Forgas's contention that mood plays a considerable role in the tendency of individual's to make FAEs; beyond that, this study incorporated the tentative findings of Lovaglia who, in a corollary to Forgas, emphasizes the effect of attitude upon an individual's predilection to commit FAEs; finally, the research of Randall, Cacioppo, Fincher-Keifer and others into the effects of personality characteristics and NFC(need for cognition) have been thoughtfully incorporated into the study, as well. In conclusion, the study determines that there is indeed a striking correlation between 'cognitive load' and 'cognitive relief' and an individual's capacity to process information while avoiding FAEs.

30. A Summary Explanation of the Book: The Psychology of Counseling by Clyde Narramore.

Desc: This paper will discuss a summary of the book The Psychology of Counseling by Clyde Narramore. By examining this book, we can see how he uses an integration theory as a foundation for the book, while learning how the integration of religious themes can be used in the Freudian schools of psychological counseling. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

31. ADHD

Desc: This paper examines ADHD in school age children and adults. Such issues as etiology of the disease, available treatment, culture and gender issues were also discussed. The Paper concludes with an examination of the prognosis of ADHD.

32. ADHD Comorbidity: In Support of Adolescent Diagnosis

Desc: Review of one longitudinal study by Beiderman, et al. as it relates to the co morbidity of child and adolescent conduct and oppositional defiant disorders, specifically, "Diagnostic continuity between child and adolescent ADHD: findings from a longitudinal clinical sample," published in March 1998. Section headings include: background, hypothesis, method, results and conclusion. There is also a brief discussion of the variables used. The authors hypothesize and prove that adolescents should not be excluded from diagnosis for ADHD in clinical settings (both psychiatric and physician's offices) just because they are nearly adults, because of the substantive evidence for co morbidity of ADHD. Their findings include strong evidence of familial transmission.

33. ADHD: A Brief Survey of Identification and Diagnosis in Recent Research

Desc: This paper briefly surveys the recent literature in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The paper points out two inconsistencies in the research, where females might exhibit ADHD at the same rate as males and those adults are adversely affected by ADHD more than children. Five studies from professional journals are used. A good brief overview.

34. Acculturation.

Desc: This is a three-page paper on the topic of acculturation. What is acculturation and what are some current trends in this field?3-pages, bibliography lists 3 sources.

35. Acute Stress Disorder in Police and Law Enforcement Officers.

Desc: This paper clinically present acute stress disorder (ASD) in respect to its definition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) including the symptoms of ASD and its etiology, diagnostic criteria, and possible measures of treatment and prevention. This paper emphasizes the role that ASD has on law enforcement officers in a final body of evidence in order to better clarify the impact that this disorder can have on those in law enforcement. 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

36. Addiction

Desc: This paper is about a young man's struggle with chewing tobacco and how he became hooked, and his plans to eventually quit. He discusses his difficulty in arriving at the decision to quit, even though he is fully aware of the dangers, through his dentist and from research. He is confident that he will finally quit.

37. Addiction and Theories of Lifespan Development

Desc: This paper examines the properties of addiction according to Erikson's "Eight Stages of Man" and how treatment options can help heal a psychosocial crisis.

38. Addressing Childhood and Adolescent Behavioral Problems: Diagnosis Criteria and the Role of the School Psychologist.

Desc: This paper investigates the issues and the psychological development of conduct disorder in both the childhood and the adolescent years. The diagnosis of conduct disorder shall be compared and contrasted against oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and the correlation that conduct disorder has with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Standard medical definitions for these disorders, as well as the growing body of literature on this field, are included to better round out the discussion and to signify the impact of such disorders on children and adolescents. APA format. 9-pages, bibliography lists 10 sources.

39. Addressing an Experiment By Milgram: Creating a Comparison of Ethics and Responses.

Desc: This paper provides the survey for the non- professionals in an experimental form with an intended return of 59% for all respondents, concluding with a hypothetical comparison of the results between the two studies. A survey (fictitious) of 300 non- APA- professionals was conducted in order to assess responses to obedience, authority, spirituality, and the ethics found within these and similar studies. This study mirrored a similar survey conducted by Milgram following his classic obedience and authority study.

40. Addressing the "Naked Face": Experiments in Addressing Emotions Through Facial Expressions.

Desc: In Malcolm Gladwell's article "The Naked Face" (New Yorker: August 5, 2002), the author discusses the results taken from years of study of facial expressions and how facial expressions help reveal the true purpose of an individual. Gladwell suggests that these findings indicate that all human beings share similar facial expressions and that if these expressions can be understood, than this understanding has potential benefits for all aspects of society, from psychology to law enforcement. This paper investigates two subjects and their facial expressions as they recount stories with emotional content in order to address the veracity of Gladwell's article.

41. Addressing the Nature of E-Therapy in Terms of Legal, Ethical, and Practical Concerns.

Desc: This paper explores the nature of "e-therapy", which is best described as an environment in which a client can acquire advice from a therapist or a consulting physician via electronic means of information translation. The most common forms of e-therapy are achieved via the Internet, where the use of email programs and chat clients facilitate communication.

42. Adolescence, A Life Stage That Never Becomes Easy: A Discussion On How Adolescence Is Affected By Many Factors Of Life.

Desc: This ten-page paper looks at life stage, or rather the adolescence part of growing up, looking at several key areas that an adolescent may discover and be challenged by and also what he or she may face with psychological and biological barriers along the way. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

43. Adolescence: A Difficult Stage of Development for Modern Youth.

Desc: This paper will examine the stress factors that define this period in young people's lives from a variety of psychological perspectives. The roles of drug use, self-esteem, economic deprivation, family support, cultural differences, and programs to help adolescents in the lives of modern youth will be explored. In this context, it will be argued that the primary factor in the psychological well-being and development of children is family support. As will be seen, psychological studies have noted again and again that the correlation between supportive family environment and the successful passage of youth through adolescence is significantly higher than for any other correlation. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

44. Adolescent Development and Teen Pressure

Desc: This paper discusses the development of adolescences and the relationship of peer pressure. Most people believe peer pressure is a negative part of teenagers lives. However, peer pressure does not always have to be negative. Even adults face peer pressure. The article discusses the role of friendships in the development of the teenager. The article also discusses how deviant teenagers usually are asocial.

45. Adolescent Self Esteem Among Both Genders.

Desc: This undergraduate level essay examines the factors involved in self -esteem in both boys and girls in adolescence. It looks at physical, emotional, and mental factors involved in self-esteem. It also examines differences between males and females and children with high and low self-esteem. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

46. Adolescents Drug Abuse.

Desc: A 4-page paper that studies the trends and statistics of drug abuse among adolescents and suggests preventative measures through research. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

47. Adult Anxiety disorder

Desc: This paper is a discussion of the findings in a research article entitled "Childhood history of anxiety disorders among adults with social phobias: Rates, correlates, and comparisons with patients with panic disorder," showing the connections between childhood anxiety disorders and similar social fears among adults, including adults with panic disorders.

48. Adult Children of Alcoholics and Biological Risk Factors.

Desc: The following brief discussion will present a review of recent research into the area of heredity, biological risk factors and alcoholism. The discussion will begin with consideration of a relatively mundane source, "The Betty Ford Center Book of Answers" (1997). This book is essentially what would be known as an FAQ on a web site. It is, however, accurate and concise. As such it provides a valuable introduction to the most widely known and accepted information concerning alcoholism. 14 pgs. 15 f/c. 11b.

49. Adult Life Cycle With Career Planning.

Desc: The adult life cycle is connected to career development. Erickson's life cycle can be found in work productivity and creativity. Career development as an adult is important in giving one the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

50. Adult Psychology Fieldwork: Fieldwork Integration Paper

Desc: This paper uses Erik Erikson's psychosocial development model to identify themes present within the journal entries of an obnoxious and self-serving kindergarten teacher. Through drawing on first-person writings, this paper focuses on the Sixth and Seventh Stages and illustrates that the educator is egocentric and predisposed towards dismissing the valid behaviors of others.

51. Advance Clinical Evaluatio

Desc: The current assignment requested an actual clinical situation wherein a person had suffered from some form of trauma. A clinical interview was developed to ascertain the status of the client's well being. Upon documenting the history of the client's problem and needs a program was recommended for effective treatment. The actual patient's name was not identified for privacy purposes.

52. Advanced Clinical Evaluation

Desc: This paper is an advanced clinical evaluation of a client, Jane Doe. The evaluation includes Ms. Doe's synopsis of her situation. Additionally, family counselling and therapeutic recommendations are given along with an explanation as to why those methods will be the most beneficial for Ms. Doe's situation. The evaluation is taken from a thirty minute session or role playing analysis done prior to the evaluation with Ms. Doe.

53. Advanced Management.

Desc: This paper is written for advanced Management. It shows the importance of motivation. "People work harder and smarter when there's something in it for them." Motivation is a psychological process. It can be equated as a cause that simulates behavior. Motivation should never be underrated. Along with perception, personality, attitudes and learning, it is a very important process in understanding behavior. Managers working in the organizations of today are finding their jobs becoming more and more complex. Markets are becoming more ambitious, technological advance keeps overwhelming, so they are finding it necessary to deal with a more unlike workforce, and their companies are expanding on a global basis. Besides, managers are confronted with more advice on leadership, strategies for personal improvement and promotion and strategy development than ever before.

54. Advertising and Memory

Desc: This paper analyzes a research report by Braun, Ellis, and Loftus (2002) on the way advertising can change memory, with experiments using advertising of an autobiographical nature to suggest that the viewers once met a character at a Disney report, resulting in the formation of a new memory of an event that never happened and raising many questions about memory formation and retention

55. Advertising and Memory: A Review of the Literature, with Discussion

Desc: Much research has been done on the subject of advertising, specifically with regard to how various factors affect recall of advertisements. This is a review of literature on a broad range of these factors. Diao & Sundar (2004) researched how pop-up windows and animation impact the orienting response. Chebat, Laroche, Badura & Filiatrault (1995) studied three affective factors that impact memory, i.e. identification, attractiveness, and fear.

56. Ageism: Psychology of Adult Development

Desc: Ageism is a form of discrimination which affects the elderly. Created by a socio-cultural environment in which youth is highly valued and rewarded, ageism have a marked impact on the Baby Boomer population, which is expected to reach the state of advanced age by 2030. These conditions characterize the need to identify factors which contribute to ageism in America, especially as a means of helping explore and promote the positive mental and physical health of the Baby Boomers. Factors pertaining to ageism are difficult to define and describe, however, as the Baby Boomer generation is an active participant by way of consumption within the youth-oriented American culture. Reducing ageism for the Baby Boomer generation is thus a significant challenge facing the health care industry, particularly in terms of reducing the onset of depressive disorders generated through a perceived denial of age.

57. Aggression in Animals and Children

Desc: These paper identifies theories of violence found in three books pertaining to the subject. Each author's extremely different views on the origins and the organizational impact of violence is briefly identified. These books are: 1- M. Miedzian - Boys will be boys: Breaking the link between masculinity and violence. 2- M. Moynihan - The Social Regulation of Competition and Aggression in Animals. 3- R. Simmons - Odd Girl Out: The hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls.

58. Aggressive Behavior and Violent Video Games

Desc: This paper will present a proposal on a study to be done on aggressive behavior and violent video games. The point of my proposed tudy is to identify if there is any correltion between the two. Recent studies conducted on this subject wil be mentioned. The proposal is well documented and researched. A hypotheis is given and what convictions I have towards the outcome of the study.

59. Albert Banduras Learning Theory

Desc: Albert Bandura rejects radical behaviorism and contends that cognitive factors act as causal agents in human behavior. In his concept of social learning, he is concerned with the interaction between cognition, behavior, and the environment. His work mainly focuses on the development of personality traits in children, particularly as they are affected by observational learning. Bandura argues that individuals are not passive agent of internal mechanism stimulated by environmental events.

60. Alcohol Dehydrogenase and the Metabolization of Alcohol.

Desc: The following paper will focus on this enzyme and its relationship to levels of alcoholism among patients. In addition, the paper will relate how this enzyme interacts with another important enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase. 5 pgs. 8 f/c. 16b.

61. Alcohol Substance Abuse & Family.

Desc: A 8-page paper on the choice of marital partners by adult children of alcoholics.

62. Alcohol and Drug abuse.

Desc: This paper discusses one of the biggest issues in society, which is the Alcohol and Drug-abuse. The paper discusses the issues related to alcohol and drug abuse. It explores the disadvantages of making alcohol and drugs as a part of ones life. It also includes how this problem is spreading all over the world.

63. Alcohol.

Desc: The topic of this paper is alcohol. How effective has the legal prohibition of alcohol been in controlling crime? A recent Department of Justice Report (US Department of Justice) said that alcohol was a factor in 40% of all violent crimes and accounted for 40.9% of all traffic fatalities in the USA in the last decade. But these figures were 34% and 29%, respectively, lower than those of the previous decade. The Report further stated that arrests conducted for driving under the influence of alcohol correspondingly declined and attributed this to the establishment of the legal and uniform drinking age in the early 1980s. What are the current problems with alcohol today?

64. Alcohol: Use Versus Abuse

Desc: The thesis of this paper is that drinking alcohol is commonplace: most Americans indulge once in awhile and it is widely considered not to be a problem. People ages 21 to 25 drink more than any other age group. Even this is not in and of itself a problem. Rather it is more a right of passage so to speak. What is alarming, though, is one out of five reportedly quickly progress to binge and then to outright alcohol abuse.

65. Alcoholism: Environment or Heredity

Desc: This paper examines alcoholism and pinpoints the factors that lead to alcoholism. Different types of alcoholics are described and their symptoms. Genetic studies are looked at to understand this disease and its causes. A case for heredity is made with important statistics and figures that back up this claim. 8.5 pgs. 5 f/c. 5b.

66. Alfred Adler: 1870 - 1937.

Desc: This four-page paper discusses in biographical format the life, theories and beliefs of Alfred Alder. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

67. All references to Peter Gray. (1999). Psychology. 3rd edition. New York: Worth.

Desc: This paper is a review of Peter Gray and psychology. The first part discusses Sex differences in the rates of specific mental disorders, including mood and anxiety disorders. Differences and similarities between mood and anxiety disorders, plus possible explanations for sex differences in these disorders' prevalence.

68. An analysis of theories: Damasio Descartes Skinner, and Freud.

Desc: This seven-page graduate paper discusses Antonio Damasio's theory of the physical nature of psychological states and the role of emotion in human reasoning. The author refers to Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain in evaluating Damasio's theories and comparing them to Skinner and Freud.

69. An Analysis and Evaluation of Eric Erikson's Life Span Theory.

Desc: An Analysis and Evaluation of Eric Erikson's Life Span Theory.5 pgs. 10 f/c. 6b.

70. An Analysis for the Roots of Collegial Binge Drinking.

Desc: A paper that reveals the foundations for binge drinking on college campus, and what are the specific roots of this problem. By understanding peer pressure, high academic expectations, and lack of parental intervention, we can see the basis for heavy drinking in college.

71. An Argument for Media Censorship to Combat Body Image and Eating Disorders.

Desc: There is a clear and identifiable link of causation between the media and the engaging in self-destructive behaviors by consumers that could be easily broken with judicious use of censorship. Overwhelmingly, research demonstrates that there are direct links between images seen on television and in magazines and perceptions of the self among consumers of those images. These connections have been used to prove causation of violent behavior among adolescents who play the ultra-violent video games and, perhaps more insidious and therefore much more destructive, that our body image and, therefore, sense of our physical self, is being dictated to us by the media. It is a simple fact that 15-year old, rail-thin girls are modeling clothes targeted at the 20-35 year-old women's market, this is done so because a 15-year old girl has no curves, no bumps, no flaws, and can be made up to look older. But, she is no woman. Our girls and women are being forced into the false belief that, somehow, they are not good enough to "fit" within this world because they do not look like the ubiquitous waif or like the silicone-breasted stripper-bodies that so many men seem to prefer. It is the purpose of this paper to demonstrate that through a conscientious censorship effort (one that starts with the companies but, like our ultimatum against Iraq, with the promise of swift action if they fail to comply) we can effectively end the epidemic of body image and related eating-disorder problems that has been wracking our culture for generations.

72. An Critical Analysis of Autism.

Desc: This paper will cover autism and explain the psychological ramifications of the disease. By creating examples of the way that it is treated, how it is used in different forms of media, such as movies, news, or articles, we can observe the nature of the condition and how it relates to the world. Also, a definition of the condition will be discussed to the situation in India and will show the country is dealing with this problem. A critical examination on how they are dealing with it will be revealed here. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

73. An Examination of Visa International Service Association v. Visa Motel Corporation

Desc: Within this paper, I begin by introducing the main issues at hand within the Visa International Assn. v. Visa Motel Corp. case. I proceed to demonstrate how Visa Motel Corp. can be thought of as infringing upon Visa International Assn.'s trade mark, and then thoroughly analyse the definition of trade mark itself. WIthin my analysis of the concept trade mark, I discover that Visa Motel Corp. did not infringe upon Visa International Assn, for the definition of trade mark that applies to Visa International Assn. should also apply to Visa Motel Corp., if Visa Motel Corp. is being judged according to its use of a trade mark. The information you have provided within this assignment to produce an adequate bibliography is unsatisfactory. If you can send the information regarding where you found this case, the city it was published in, the year of publication, and the publisher, then I can fix up the bibliography. Without those additional pieces of information, your bibliography will have to remain as is.

74. An Experiment with Operant Conditioning to Solve Procrastination

Desc: This paper will detail how one can break habits through the use of operant conditioning. By acknowledging that procrastination is the problem, we can assert an experiment that will help create positive reinforcement by the use of short-term goals in stopping the behavior. After accomplishing the experiment, we can see how procrastination was solved by using short-term goals in this manner.

75. An Exploration of Critical Psychology as a Means of Creating Social Change.

Desc: This paper explores the role that critical psychology has played in shaping the understanding of social influences upon daily life.

76. An Introduction to Asberger's Syndrome (Disorder)

Desc: This essay provides a detailed review of the information available on Asberger's Syndrome, including the DSM-IV description and the difficulty in diagnosing the disorder, as well as treatment issues. 6 pgs. 3 sources.

77. An Observation on the Psyche/ Behavior of Children.

Desc: This three-page paper explores the psyche of (6-12) year olds and their interaction with society, as well as the psyche of (13-18) year olds and their interactions. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

78. An afternoon at Kidsports

Desc: This paper describes an afternoon spent observing children aged seven and under playing. In it the interactions between children and other children, and children and their adult caretakers is observed and described in detail. Several questions are answered, including what the atmosphere is like, what's happening, what are the adults doing, and how the adults impact the children?

79. Analysis for the Roots of Collegial Binge Drinking.

Desc: A paper that reveals the foundations for binge drinking on college campus, and what are the specific roots to this problem. By understanding peer pressure, high academic expectations, and lack of parental intervention, we can see the basis for heavy drinking in college.

80. Analysis of Yellow Wallpaper

Desc: This paper analyzes the Yellow Wallpaper. It begins with the problem of postpartum blues and shows how the narrator takes the reader through the process of depression that changes reality. Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story, The Yellow Wall Paper, is about a woman with nervous problems who has been instructed by her husband who is a physician to rest. The rest cure drives the woman into more depression until the final day when her husband finds her entirely insane. The narrator reveals how the woman suffers a mild case of depression or nervousness, but the more time she reflects on the yellow wallpaper the more she begins to change reality into a fantasy world of being insane.

81. Analysis of the Differences between Biological and Humanistic Perspectives of Personality Development.

Desc: Hans Eysenck believed physiology explained the differences in human behavior. Humanistic theorists believed that other factors such as experience, human needs, and feelings determined how a human being would react in a given situation. This paper compares Eysenck's theory with those of humanistic theorists Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and George Kelly, giving key points of each theory and showing each differs from Eysenck's biological perspective and how they differ collectively. 5 pgs. 2 f/c. 4b.

82. Analyzing an Experimental Study Pertaining to Psychology

Desc: This 5-page paper provides a focused analysis of one article in experimental psychology: Kumar Vedantham, Alain Brunet, Richard Boyer, Daniel S. Wiess, Thomas J. Metzler, and Charles R. Marmar. 2001. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma Exposure, and the Current Health of Canadian Bus Drivers. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 46: 149-155. This essay examines the validity of the dependent variable in the study, and evaluates the researchers' discussion of their findings in post-traumatic stress disorder. 5 pgs. 1 source.

83. Annotated Brief Bibliography on Gestalt Therapy

Desc: This is a brief annotated bibliography on Gestalt Therapy. Two books and two journal articles are discussed. The first book is written by Martin Shepard called Fritz. Fritz Perl's has been called the father of Gestalt Therapy. The second book is Born to Win written by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward. The focus of this book is to inspire people to confront what may be holding them back and to reach out to obtain all the possibilities waiting for them.

84. Anorexia and Bulimia.

Desc: Both anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders that affect teenagers. Teenagers with eating disorders usually have other problems such as low self-esteem, family problems, or other emotional problems.

85. Anorexia and Labeling Theory

Desc: Most of us understand that there is no such thing as normality - that each one of us is different in ways both small and often large from the average, from the norm. And yet many people long to consider themselves normal - and they often do so through the mechanism of defining other people as abnormal. The type of simplistic black-and-white thinking is very similar to and possibly the same as strolling down a certain primrose path, and yet we persist in it, in generally considering what we believe and what we do to be right and normal and what other people believe and what other people do to be wrong - or deviant. This is problematic enough when one is on the "normal" side of such a definition, but far more problematic when one is on the deviant side, as McLorg and Taub argue in their article "Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia: The Development of Deviant Identities". This paper examines that article and looks at how labelling theory can help to explain the experiences of individuals who suffer from these eating disorders.

86. Answers to Questions on Developmental Psychology.

Desc: This paper answers several questions about developmental psychology. There is a three-page paper that ties this together.

87. Anti- and Pro-Drug Movements: An Overview.

Desc: Substances commonly referred to as "drugs", particularly those with narcotic qualities, have only relatively recently been considered to be socially negative prior to the 20th century. Cocaine, marijuana, opium, etc. were all, for the vast majority of their existence, completely acceptable elements of human consumption and quite legal. Over the past 150 years, approximately, societies throughout the world have increasingly regulated many if not all narcotic substances such that they have become the central legal preoccupation just after terrorism and murder throughout the world. It is the purpose of this paper to examine both sides of the debate over the legalization of narcotics so as to gain some insight into the complexities of this issue. MLA format.

88. Antisocial Personality Disorder Among Adult Incarcerated Males: An Exploration of the Literature and Implications for the Reform Process

Desc: The exploration of antisocial personality disorder is believed to correlate strongly to the concept of incarceration, for there is a general connection frequently made between those suffering from personality and mood disorders which fall into this category and antisocial behaviors. This paper provides an Introduction, Literature Review, and possible Methodology for this topic.

89. Application of Motivational Theories.

Desc: This research paper will identify through case studies various factors that help in motivation of employees so that performance is increased and the employee satisfaction also increases. It contends that traditional and non-traditional methods of motivation must be enacted in order to be successful. 15 pgs. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

90. Applied Research Methods

Desc: This paper considers an experiment that is to be conducted on people who have been divorced to deterine how those who fare well do so in order to help others, and among the problems many people have are a reduced ability to function, self-condemnation, and traumatic effects on children, and the researchers hope that implications drawn from their findings will be applied in a variety of counseling and training contexts.

91. Applied Research Study to Increase Number of Social Greetings

Desc: In this paper, we will target a behavior to increase in a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The behavior that we will choose to increase in our student is the number of social greetings. We would like to understand why a particular student does not, for instance say hello, or interact with the people around him, as much as we feel he is capable. We believe that, though his Autism is somewhat profound, he still has the capacity for more social interactions than he partakes in.

92. Architecture, Acoustics and Reflected Sound.

Desc: This paper examines architecture, acoustics and reflected sound. It explains how rooms and concert halls are designed to minimize reflected noise and enhance sound quality

93. Are Memory Tests Misleading

Desc: This four-page undergraduate paper uses the article by Buchner and Wippich as the basis for a popular article - giving the important information, results, etc., but translating the technical language into normal use. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

94. Argumentative Essay

Desc: This paper discusses the issue of solitude vs. loneliness based on an essay by May Sarton.

95. Art Therapy and the Elderly: An Analysis.

Desc: This ten-page undergraduate research paper examines and analyzes the impact of art therapy sessions on elderly clients. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

96. Article Analysis

Desc: This paper examines the research questions, methodology, and findings of two articles that address some of the major concepts that we have been studying in this course, assessing both the contributions of each article as well as the limitations of the studies. The two articles are Leonard, Beauvais, & Scholl's "Work Motivation: The incorporation of self-concept based processes" (1999) and Locke's "Self-set goals and self-efficacy as mediators of incentives and personality" (2001).

97. Article Critique: Integrative Psychotherapy in Addictive Disorders

Desc: This paper provides a critical review of the article, "Integrative Psychotherapy in Addictive Disorders." First published in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration (Vol 14, No.3) in September of 2004, this article identifies the concepts of addictive tendencies and therapies used to treat these tendencies. A focus on integrative psychotherapy is used.

98. Assessing Differences Between Couples: The Integrative Couple Therapy Approach.

Desc: This paper examines a dating couple that is experiencing difficulties concerning personal perspective in their relationship. The dialogue between these two individuals shall be assessed according to the integrative couple therapy approach as is outlined in the book, Reconcilable Differences by Andrew Christensen and Neil S. Jacobson. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

99. Assessment of the Character Elizabeth from the Movie Dont Say a Word

Desc: In this paper, we will provide an assessment of the character Elizabeth from the movie Don't Say a Word. Though Elizabeth is a fictional character, much can be learned from trying to understand who she is, and what her illness is. Because this is a work of fiction and is a film, we can gain insight into who Elizabeth is from an interesting point of view. This point of view is literary, and from a fly on the wall perspective. The significance of this is that when we as consolers try to understand who a patient is and what it is that disturbs the patient, we may be inadvertently alerting how the patient responds. It is the classic case of the observer affecting the observed object. We can not avoid this. But, in this case, were we are analyzing a fictional character in a film, the observer is not affecting the observed object, because the observed object is fixed in time and actuality.

100. Assignment I.

Desc: This eight-page undergraduate paper is in two parts, the first dealing with the flaws in the study and a new design. The second is a discussion of the two types of conditioning, and other perspectives' critiques.

101. Atheism and Psychology: A Multicultural Analysis.

Desc: This paper will discuss the nature of atheism and psychology in a multi-cultural background. By understanding the ramifications of the belief system, we can seek some of the psychological evaluations and studies that have been done in recent times.

102. Attachment Theory, Its Influence on Adult Interaction, and How Attachment Paradigms Might Be Applied to Adults

Desc: This paper shall answer several questions concerning attachment theory: one, how the author conceptualizes his own level of attachment; two, the influence that attachment, specifically for the author but also otherwise, has on interactions with other people; three, how the epistemological paradigms of attachment theory might be applied to adults. Finally, by way of a conclusion, an approach to just that will be suggested.

103. Attention Deficit Disorder.

Desc: This paper shall examine a psychological developmental problem, namely Attention Deficit Disorder, and will discuss its possible causes and treatments. 6-pages, bibliography lists 3 sources.

104. Attention Deficit Disorder: An Examination.

Desc: This paper examines ADD in detail. It examines the symptoms, history, tests, causes and medication. Studies are looked at and discussed to grasp the meaning of this disorder and how it is affecting families and the society they live in. People with ADD can now do something about it and can take control of their lives. This paper shows that there are ways to treat this disempowering disorder. 18.5 pgs. 25 f/c. 21b.

105. Autism And The Developing Child.

Desc: This junior level paper describes what autism is and how it affects the child psychologically from infancy up until it is 5 to 6 years of age.

106. Autism as a Pervasive Developmental Disorder: Addressing the Manifestation and Qualities of Autism.

Desc: This paper examines the pervasive developmental disorder of the autistic disorder, as addressed in the Diagnostic Manual of Disorder IV (DMD- IV). . Indicators of autism are often found in a delay in the development of communication and in social interaction. This paper presents the classification of autistic disorders as found in the DMD- IV, and then supplement this information with a debate concerning the current research on autism including techniques for an early diagnosis and the most effective treatments that are available. Autism research in respect to genetics shall also be presented. A discussion of the relevant materials shall conclude this paper. 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

107. Autism.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper begins by introducing the topic. It proceeds to state the research question and the testable hypothesis. The paper then provides an exhaustive literature review and states the research methodology adopted. It proceeds to discuss the results and reaches a conclusion. 5 pgs, bibliography lists 7 sources.

108. Autobiographical Account of Erickson's Theories on Childhood Development

Desc: This paper will seek to examine an autobiographical account of Erickson's theories on childhood development. Also, by showing a theory of Jung into the mix, we can show how development occurred in light of another psychological premise.

109. Avoidance

Desc: This paper answers a series of questions on research into avoidance, punishment, learning, and other issues relating to memory and behavior, noting that fears and phobias can be harmful and can prevent action on the part of the individual and that such fears may require therapeutic intervention and some of the most successful treatment procedures make use of conditioning principles.

110. SafeCo: An assessment of Organisational Learning and Development Needs.

Desc: This ten page paper looks at the ficticous bank Safeco and the work of a new Human Resources Manger, also how the HRM would implement an assessment for changes to look to the future and how to apply organisational changed and assessment to the banks infrastructure.

111. School-Based Alcohol And Drug Intervention.

Desc: This paper is on the topic of High School-based alcohol/drugs intervention with counseling on grief, anger, relationship, communication and counseling.

112. Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Desc: This is a 5-page paper in MLA style that describes, analyzes and studies the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) commonly known as Winter Depression. It has 12 sources 3 of which are from the Internet. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

113. Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy ~ The Physics Behind The Activities Done For Sensory Integration.

Desc: This is a 6-page paper in APA style that discusses the physics behind the activities done for sensory integration during Occupational therapy. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

114. Skinner's Life and Learning Theory.

Desc: This paper looks at the life of Frederick Skinner and his Learning Theory. 4.5 pgs. 9 f/c. 6b.

115. Social Psychology

Desc: This paper encompasses a discussion of social psychology. Specifically it focuses on the issues of gender biases and coping mechanisms in the work setting. Literature reviews of current peer reviewed articles addressing this issue are presented. In conclusion a hypothesis for a proposed study will be presented as a result of the literature re review

116. Social Institutions And Procrastination.

Desc: Social institutions have an affect upon individual's procrastination. What does the literature review show concerning procrastination and academics?

117. Social Work and the Client Relationship.

Desc: This paper addresses key issues in clinical social work, centering on the interview and case management process, and also discussing the use of time, silence, and information in the social work process. It defines interviewing skills that a social worker must have, as well as describing the environment that would be ideal for therapeutic work or interviewing. Foremost among the issues that interviewing raises are trust and responsibility in the client-social worker relationship. 14 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

118. Soul Searching Evaluation of Intelligence

Desc: It is typical in the Western Hemisphere or at least it is within most of the developed cultures of the Western Hemisphere to do a fair amount of soul searching. And, although it is the Western Hemisphere that performs this kind of soul searching in contemporary time, perhaps it evolved from ancient Asian customs. From wherever this need derives one would not be apt to refute its existence. One contemplates a number of issues in today's society such as decisions that one has made on the way to gaining one's maturity. Also, financial decisions get scrutinized mercilessly both before and after making them. However, little gets scrutinized and contemplated as much in Western Society as feelings of self particularly when they involve worth. Confidence, self-worth, abilities and the like are thought upon for countless hours in today's competitive living environment. There are few things in which do not eventually arrive at competition. It stands as such in the academic arena, the athletic arena, the work place, and various levels of talent standing in comparison in various art forms and on and on. The focus of this essay is my soul-searching evaluation of my intelligence as I journeyed through the various stages of my life.

119. Stress on Abused women and its affect and effect on children

Desc: Stress can arise for a variety of reasons. A traumatic accident, death, or emergency situation can bring about stress. Stress can also be a side effect of a serious illness or disease. There is also stress associated with daily life, the workplace, and family responsibilities.There is still a prevailing attitude in society that mothers should be perfect and almost wholly responsible for their children's well being. This attitude can lead to blaming the mother even when the father is perpetrating the violence. Domestic violence is one of the unsolved riddles. Even the most sophisticated and authoritative people have been found guilty of this crime. Despite all the hue and cry by the human rights organization, we witness countless stories about abuse on women. Even the West has not been able to eradicate the violence on women in any form.

120. Studies On Motivation And Reward Within Children With AD/HD.

Desc: This paper addresses two studies on children and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that deal directly with how reward is believed to affect the direction of behavior taken by the individual.

121. Studying the Effects of Alcohol on Memory.

Desc: In experimental psychology research that studies the effects of alcohol on memory, there are significant differences in the ways "alcohol" and 'memory' are conceptualized. In the articles reviewed here, this paper will be drawing attention to the differences of context, that is, how the researchers have identified the relations of alcohol and alcoholism in contexts of studying memory processes. 3.5 pgs. 9 f/c. 6b.

122. schizophrenia in "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden."

Desc: This paper discusses the teenage girl who battled with schizophrenia in I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is a novel about a teenage girl's three-year battle with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a group of disorders marked by severely disturbed thinking, emotion, perception, and behavior.

123. stage theories of individual and family development

Desc: This paper gives an analysis of stage theories of individual and family development and applies it to the Jewish Family as a cultural group. Erickson's theory of stage development is used along with Freud's, Darwin, Lorenz, Gosell, Tihbergen, Bowlby, and Ainsowrtth, Piaget Kohlberg and Vygotsky and other theorists for the discussion. The interplay between heredity and environment are included in the discussion of family stage development