Aging Research Topics

1. Aging.

Desc: This is a 5-page paper on the process of aging and the associated views presented through an interview with an elderly man. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

2. "Aging: An Introduction ".

Desc: This is a 4-page paper on the concept of aging in a changing society and the associated misapprehensions towards older people. 4-pages, bibliography lists 3 sources.

3. A Critical Analysis of the book The Spirit Catches you and you fall down

Desc: Summary: This paper will give a textual analysis of the book and include the aspects of patient interaction, health care and the use and reasons for alternative medicine. It will explain the viewpoints of a family from Lao and their beliefs in alternative medicine and address the complex issues they face in trying to seek treatment for their daughter. Excerpts from the book will be used to express some social concerns and support the views of both the medical institutions and the Laos family.

4. Adult Day Care Industry In The United States

Desc: Due to the failure of nursing homes in providing adequate care to the elderly, a new industry has emerged in the United States, which is rapidly gaining popularity among caregivers and their aging loved ones. This industry is commonly known as Adult day care, which aims at providing socializing and medical services to the aging and ailing population of our country. The paper sheds light on the emergence of this industry and the reasons for its rapid growth along with such subjects as rights of participants and the common features of a suitable adult day care program. The paper discusses cost-related issues associated with these programs in detail.

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5. Adventure Travel International - Travel Agency.

Desc: This senior year paper shows the marketing strategy of a travel agency specializing in adventure travel.

6. Aging and Human Cognition.

Desc: This paper addresses issues that are found in respect to aging and the decline in mental processes.

7. Albedo

Desc: This paper consists of 4-pages and begins with the definition of albedo, analyses the various effects on our ecosystem, in particular the cities of today.

8. Alzheimer's Experiment.

Desc: This paper outlines a suggested research project that examines the ways in which the other responsibilities that a caregiver has affects the cognitive skills of people with Alzheimer's.

9. Amino Acid Racemization and Physical Anthropology

Desc: Within this paper, I follow the instructions of the assignment and discover information regarding Amino acid Racemization from three different sources and then relate the discoveries from those sources to physical anthropology. The first source I analyze provides a preliminary depiction of amino acid racemization and the additional two provide this depiction with more details. I also criticize Amino Acid Racemization itself.

10. An Aging Population: Grey Power.

Desc: This essay looks at the state of the aging population and how the economy and society revolves around this group. The importance of this social power is also addressed. 5.5 pgs. 0 f/c. 0b.

11. An Analysis of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray

Desc: By analyzing the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray, we can see how this author helps conduct traditional gender roles between the sexes. By finding other sources on the subject of gender, we can support Gray's theories through substantial evidence on the subject. In this theory, gender roles do not really change, but how we understand them can help people have better relationships with each other.

12. An Interview With a Sexagenarian in the Scope of History

Desc: This interview will discuss a 65 year old by the name of Gerald Eberwien. He was born in the United States in the city of New York, and has never been married. Although he has had many relationships with women, he had not met that 'special'person.

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13. Annual Driving Test For Older People.

Desc: This three page undergraduate paper critical analyzes whether we should have a mandatory annual driving test for older people. Annual driving test should be compulsory for older people to find out if they are still competent enough behind the wheels. This is a matter of utmost importance because with age a person's reflexes naturally slow down resulting in a decreased efficiency; same is the case with driving. 3 pgs. No bibliography listed.

14. Adult Development and Women's Aging: A Dynamic Model of Integrity.

Desc: This paper refers to the information gathered in a recent Life History Span survey interview with a sixty-two year old woman. This analysis will consider the gender differences that characterize personality development. This interview is explored as a potentially conflicted interaction of integrity and introversion looking at Erikson for support. 10 pgs. 32 f/c. 4b.

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