education research topics

1. A Visit to a Montessori School.

Desc: 3 pgs. No bibliography

2. A New Test for MBA WANNABES Discussion of Three Articles.

Desc: Three articles have been chosen to review. A hypothesis will be made and researched to see the effect upon this hypothesis.

3. A Book Review of Lisa Delpit's "Other People's Children"

Desc: This paper provides an exploration of motivating minority students towards greater academic goals. In the first part of the paper, Delpit's book "Other People's Children" is reviewed, and in the second part of the essay a series of motivational theories are addressed that could also aid in motivating a minority student towards greater school achievement.

4. A Brief Consideration of the Value of a College Education

Desc: This paper considers the value of a college education by considering some of the issues concerning the value of college education. This paper broadly argues that a college experience is valuable because higher education offers not only specialized knowledge, but also a number of resources and experiences which allow a student to develop both professionally and personally. This paper further enumerates the specific personal and professional benefits which a college education offers its students and graduates. In this context, this paper considers critical thinking, university and college offices and programs, as well as other characteristics of higher education. This paper notes that colleges and universities push students to learn within a specific field, and encourage students from all over the world as well as professional leaders to participate in this experience. This convergence of personalities allows students to become familiar with interacting within difference and allows them to gain information from professors who conduct current research in their chosen fields. Both the sensitivity to multiculturalism and the knowledge of current developments in a field allows students to develop professionally and as individuals. Further, the wide range of activities and resources which universities and colleges offer - such as newspapers, radio stations, foreign exchange and travel programs, employment offices, archives, libraries, computer labs, and extracurricular activities and clubs - provide a wealth of experiences and services which are literally not available elsewhere in such a concentrated place. Students can access services free of charge and can take part in experiences which can shape personal growth and professional success. Further, some services as well as the reputation of a school can affect student occupation and performance later in life, potentially giving graduates specific advantages. However many value-rich resources and experiences higher education offers, however, students must themselves commit to making their college or university experiences positive and productive. For those students who actively strive to derive a wealth of knowledge and experience from their education, the college experience may provide them immense life-long value in career opportunities, earning power, and personal satisfaction and growth.

5. A Brief History of Japanese Dance in Kinesiology in the Classroom

Desc: This paper will seek to understand how Japanese dancing has links to Kinesiology, and why its history can unfold ways for these practicologists to work with movement. By understanding musclature and body movement, we can see how motor skills can be improved. Also the history of Japanese body movements can be applicable in the classroom, helping to make these connections between mind and muscle.

6. A Brief Introduction to Self Directed Learning

Desc: This 3-page undergraduate paper briefly describes the concept of self directed learning, or SDL, as a largely useful, and certainly wide-spread method of instructing employees. This paper defines SDL primarily as method of learning which tends to stress employee impetus in developing education goals, methods, and evaluations for themselves, rather than making employees rely on more formal and structured educational measures. SDL involves a flexible process or set of processed in which learners identify goals and resources, implement chosen learning processes, and evaluate their progress. SDL can occur in contexts of team work, individual work, or instructor-individual interaction, depending upon the needs of the learner, and the learner's readiness for SDL. The process offers several advantages, including flexibility and employee empowerment in learning, as well as increased cost-effectiveness for the employer. This paper also argues that SDL can also engage with all three types of learning - instrumental, dialogic, and self reflective - outlined by Marizow (1981), thus creating a powerful and multi-faceted learning experience.

7. A Career in the Funeral Industry

Desc: This is an admissions letter for someone wishing to attend mortuary school. The following sample is from the conclusion- Overall, my experience and education have kept me in the healthcare industry helping to bring life into the world and keep that precious life healthy and happy. Now I wish to further my aid to humanity by taking care of those at the other end of life's journey. In addition, helping to gently usher out a meaningful life on to a resting place helps bring peace and security to those left behind. I feel as though it is time to continue my family heritage, to educate myself for this occupation, and to help those that are at the far end of their journey. I would use my education well and look forward to the challenges. Simmons Institute would not regret allowing me admission as I would faithfully carry out the sensitive duties for which I had been trained.

8. A Case For And Presentation Of A Business School Course.

Desc: A syllabus provides an insight into the methods with which the material is taught. This paper makes a case for a business school course to be taught to a homogeneous class by submitting a syllabus and studying the nature of the students who will receive the instruction.

9. A Comparative study of France and UK's Education Policy.

Desc: This is a paper that discusses comparatively the educational system and policy of both the UK and France and presents a recommendation for improvement. It is 5 pages with 6 sources cited in MLA style. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

10. A Critical Review of "The Shopping Mall High School".

Desc: Summary: The article is based on freedom of choice, and this is false. While the metaphor of shopping malls can provide a working model for high schools, this is only on a superficial level. Even though it is not intended, the article highlights the very fundamental issue in sociology of inequality.

11. A Current Trend in Teaching Social Studies.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper is on the basic trends of teaching social studies in modern days. It includes the current trends in teaching social studies, it gives the details of how teaching can be use in the three of social studies area mainly anthropology, sociology and geography and the philosophy behind the teaching of this subject. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

12. A Curriculum Evaluation of Dont Trash the Earth

Desc: This paper evaluates a curriculum unit called Don't Trash the Earth. It uses the CIPP (context, input, process, and product) to evaluate the unit. The unit is a multi-disciplinary unit combining science, mathematics, art, and language arts. It uses several different types of technology such as spreadsheets, graphs, and charts. The evaluation of the unit shows that it is a beneficial unit combining many different lesson plans on recycling.

13. A Definition of Education.

Desc: This paper will define what is education, and seek to understand it as a formal and informal process. By analyzing the different aspects of education, we can see its many facets

14. A Gentle Push Makes The Difference.

Desc: This paper is on the topic of giving children a little push to motivate them in their academics, sports, or arts. A gentle push is different than a shove.

15. A Multicultural Approach: Diversity in Today's Schools

Desc: The world's population is growing at a stupendous rate. More and more competition is growing among individuals. With each year, increasing numbers of newly arrived immigrant children enroll in the universities and colleges of the world. The rapidly changing demographics of the schools have created a critical need to search for ways to teach children who have limited English proficiency and sometimes very little formal education.. The influx of immigrants has placed considerable demand on the school for properly assessing and counseling students who do not have the expertise in English language. Since culture shapes a child's psychosocial development, it is important that counselors and school psychologists understand the unique challenges faced by ethnic minority students. Being away from home may result in disorientation, stress, anxiety, and grief over the loss of cultural heritage. Cultural dislocation encompasses a complex experience cultural conflicts, and loss of personal identity.

16. A New Plan for Education.

Desc: This paper asks the question: What is understanding? Through research and thought this paper will ponder a new idea of education and learning. Knowledge and skill have traditionally been the mainstays of American education. We want students to be knowledgeable about history, science, geography, and so on. We want students to be skillful in the routines of arithmetic, the craft of writing, the use of foreign languages. Achieving this is not easy, but we work hard at it. In the long term, education must aim for active use of knowledge and skill (Gifford, 1991). Students garner knowledge and skill in schools so that they can put them to work--in professional roles--scientist, engineer, designer, doctor, businessperson, writer artist, musician--and in lay roles--citizen, voter, parent--that require appreciation, understanding, and judgment. Yet rote knowledge generally defies active use, and routine skills often serve poorly because students do not understand when to use them. In short, we must teach for understanding in order to realize the long-term payoffs of education. (Baron, 1990).

17. A Persuasive Essay for Bilingual Education in High Schools.

Desc: This paper will make a persuasive argument for bilingual education in high school. By arguing for creating a two-language system within America's public schools, we can see how diversity is the most important aim in bringing cultures together. Without the bilingual education program available, there would be a harmful separation of cultures in our educational system.

18. A Proposal on the Effects of Test Anxiety on Standardized Testing

Desc: This essay is a proposal for a study into the effects that standardized testing has on student anxiety and consequently on test performance. This discussion will outline the basics of the problem and establish the questionability of standardized testing and its possible connection with anxiety. Then, a review of some relevant literature will be considered, followed by a hypothesis and a conclusion on how to proceed with the study.

19. A Research Paper on the School-to-Work Act.

Desc: This paper will discuss school-to-work opportunities act and what it entails for the future of workers leaving schools and going out into the real life working force that we see today. This paper will find all the angles that a person must know to make this Act work for them and to see how the Act works in the real life spectrum of workers education. This act helps to make a bridge between the schools and the working environment and it will be discussed in its many capacities in this paper. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

20. A Self-Assessment of Visual Learning, Mathematical Learning and Integrated Organization Skills

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the process of learning, and how visual learning can be integrated into mathematical thinking, and lingusitical learning. By understanding how computer technology and demonstrations can make math and linguistics easier, we can see how learning can be markedly improved. By these means, learning can be greatly increased in aptitude tests.

21. A Study on the Merits of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods of Research in Education.

Desc: This study will critically evaluate how the educational process can be researched using the common qualitative and quantitative methods available in today's world. By showing how each can compliment each other, we can learn just how the use of statistics and numerical calculations, as well as behavioral and phenomenological studies can help, as a whole determine educational standards. With the different methods, which are very numerous at hand, we learn just how some of the research processes can bring about a clear understanding on how these options work in gathering data in education. Perhaps with a good idea of how these forms of research work together, we can learn the merits of these formal information-gathering methods that prove so well founded.

22. A Teen Epidemic.

Desc: This eleven-page paper presents a plan for teaching AIDS education to high school students. The author of this paper opens the paper with a discussion about AIDS and teens then formulates a plan for the implementation of teaching the curriculum to the student body. The plan centers on learning AIDS facts, learning prevention methods and understanding how it affects lives. There are many useful and innovative tools that are incorporated into the plan. There were six sources used to complete this paper. 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

23. AASL (American Association of School Librarians) and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education): An Overview

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper examines the American Association of School Librarians and the International Society for Technology in Education, which are professional organizations dedicated to improving the educational and school library fields through networking and access to valuable resources. The author notes that members of these organizations enjoy a variety of benefits from joining, such as access to informative periodicals, mutually beneficial contact with other teaching professionals, and discounts on publications.

24. ADHD Case Study

Desc: It has been estimated that as many as four million children and four to five million adults in the United States alone suffer from Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Wender, 2000, p.4). There are, however, many people that do not believe in its existence. But as more and more people come into contact with others that actually have the disorder, converts are being made every day from journalists who bring the matter to people's attention to doctors that have "seen the light" (Washington Times, 2003, A20). What follows is a case study based on a fourth grade student that has the disorder. It is evident that adjustments need to be made to his daily educational activities in order to cope with and overcome this disorder.

25. ADHD and Education.

Desc: This paper examines this disorder in children and what can be done to help them learn and cope with it. As well it looks at possible solutions in helping these students in the educational system. 9.5 pgs. 17 f/c. 8b.

26. ADHD in Children

Desc: The current assignment called for the selection of a childhood problem, and a presentation as to the aetiology, remediation and prognosis of the dysfunction. To this end the ADHD disorder was selected and expounded upon. Not only was the problem explained, but also a program of treatment was discussed. The paper concluded with a personal statement as to philosophy.

27. ADHD: An Over Diagnosed and Over Medicated Disorder.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper discusses the use of medication versus behavioral modifications in treating ADHD. The author suggests that ADHD is over-diagnosed and that medications such as Ritalin are being prescribed when they are not necessary. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

28. ADHD: Its Affect on Classroom Development.

Desc: This seven-page undergraduate research paper examines and analyzes Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in children of pre-school through sixth grade age, and focuses primarily upon how the Disorder affects their development in the classroom. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

29. Ability Tracking in High Schools

Desc: This paper looks at the 6 myths commonly associated with ability tracking in high schools, and debunks them all. It presents ability tracking in a postive light and explains why it is this system throughout highschools, benefits both all people within the school system and encourages both high level and low achieving students alike. Include references.

30. Abstract

Desc: This paper is an abstract of the report called "Not All Errors Are Created Equal" by Maxine Hairston, who reports on a research project investigating language errors which was achieved by sending a survey to 101 professional people, and 84 respondents returned her questionnaire, indicating that the type of usage error most strongly reacted to were those are called "status markers," such as using double negatives or non-standard verb choices.

31. Academic Excellence.

Desc: This is a 10-page report in MLA format. The report discusses the most important problems in education: unemployment, crime, welfare, health care, racial tensions, the maldistribution of wealth, and citizen disengagement from the political process. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

32. Acceptable Use Policies of Schools and Libraries.

Desc: This paper is on the topic of acceptable use policies of schools and libraries. The paper states what an AUP is, what should be stated in them, and how important they are.

33. Accessing Parental Involvement in Student Performance: Identifying and Qualifying the Issues.

Desc: This paper investigates the problems inherent in involving parents in their children's academic performance. 20 pgs. Bibliography lists 25 sources.

34. Accountability And Proficiency Testing: Is Standardized Testing A Beneficial Way: Showing Student Learning.

Desc: This is a 12-page proposal to define that standardized tests are beneficial for showing student learning and accountability of the teachers.

35. Accreditation Article Review.

Desc: This is a 3 page piece analyzing an article on the accreditation of universities. The slant of the article is that the accreditation system is archaic, pedantic, and has no real utility. Using two supporting article, the author of this piece agrees with the primary article and argues that as college degrees become more important and colleges themselves become more numerous, having valid information on how well a particular school is doing is essential before enrolling. The author goes into detail as to why the current accreditation system is fundamentally flawed and offers some guidelines on how colleges should develop a more honest, accurate, and useful accreditation system more focused on the consumer. The end result will be that college shoppers won't have to rely on the media for such information. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

36. Adapting Best Practices in Colleges and Universities that Focus on Adult Learning Programs.

Desc: This paper creates an understanding of the mission statement of adult learners for educators, including an in- depth focus on why nontraditional methods of education have taken on a significant prominence in the past ten years in terms of adult education.

37. Addressing the Budget for Three Disabled Students

Desc: This paper shall address a special needs classroom where the teacher works within a confined budget of $2500 and uses this funding to address the challenges of several students with varying disabilities. In a high school seniors’ class off 22 students, one student is in a wheelchair, and he does not have good motor control of his hands as they are clenched into fists, nor can this student pronounce words clearly (John).

38. Addressing the Gentle Teaching Methods as Applied to American Public Education.

Desc: This paper addresses the philosophy of love as promoted by the Gentle Teaching Institute in contrast to standard methods of teaching and behavioral correction in the American public school system.

39. Adler And Ellis In The Classroom.

Desc: This is a graduate paper on the theorists of Alfred Adler and Albert Ellis. The question is how the theories of these two can be used to help educators in the classroom with elementary children.

40. Administration-organized Interventions in School-based Problems.

Desc: This paper evaluates an effective method for an intervention in a school setting. Here, an administrator, the school principal, is assisting with a first-year teacher who is having trouble teaching reading to his 3rd- grade classroom. Based on research supporting proactive principals, and "career-ladder" programs in organizations, this essay discusses a mentorship-based intervention that assists the new teacher in developing his reading curriculum, and as well in providing the mentor-teacher with career incentives for his/her participation in the apprenticeship. In this context, the principal is regarded as being actively involved in the school activities, in levels of staff development as well as classroom curriculum. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

41. Administrations Role in Regulating Technology Abuses

Desc: This paper shall examine the role of the school administrator within the context of incorporating technology into the schools in the interest of professional development. Specifically, this paper will address a specific problem and suggest ways of dealing with that problem. In this case, the problem is what a school administrator should do if he/she catches a teacher using school computers to visit pornographic websites.

42. Admission Letter

Desc: This is a two page letter along with a one page resume of sorts that is to accompany a student's application to school. The essay/letter portion outlines the reasons for selecting this school and why the school's particular vision is so well-suited to the student in question. The resume portion of the letter includes information about the qualificaitons of the sutdent as well as his parents.

43. Admission/Application Essay

Desc: This paper is a letter of admission and application to a course on kinesiology with the intention of becoming a grade school teacher, indicating some of the experiences of the applicant, her desire to be a teacher, what she is planning for next summer to gain more experience, and how this would fit with a course on kinesiology, including offering a budget for an elementary PE program.

44. Adult Learning Principles

Desc: This paper will examine adult learning principles and the ways in which individuals can use to them in concert with their own experiences to prepare for learning oppurtunities in the future. Some of the research currently being done on these principles will be considered, as is relevant to understand which methods are more effective than others. However, the final burden will be placed on the ways in which these principles can be applied.

45. Adult Returning To College.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper describes the general experiences and challenges an adult returning to college after a long break in education encounters. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

46. Advantages and Disadvantages of Inclusive Classrooms

Desc: This paper discusses cognitive strategies for inclusive classrooms. The paper defines inclusive classrooms. It discusses various types of strategies for the classroom. "750 million people worldwide are challenged by disabilities. Over 8 million Americans have visual impairments" (Cavanaugh 1). Approximately half of the people in America have some type of disability. Teachers are finding that more and more students have some type of learning disability. They must be prepared and trained to meet the needs of the students.

47. Advantages of Language Acquisition in Early Childhood.

Desc: The learning of a second language is something that is most easily carried out in childhood, perhaps as part of elementary education as opposed to secondary school. This paper takes a mainly psychological approach in assessing why early language acquisition is desirable in a world which will increasingly value persons who are able to communicate in more than one medium. 8 pgs. 6 f/c. 6b.

48. Advantages/Disadvantages Of Distance Education.

Desc: This paper is on distance learning. The benefits compared to the disadvantages of distance learning. Distance learning is becoming quite common with the advanced technology from the Internet although distance education has been around for over 100 years. This is a reaction paper to the literature review.

49. African-America Literature In The Classroom.

Desc: This is an eleven-page paper on African-American literature in the High School English class. What types of literature available? How do different teachers use what is available? What changes need to be made? 11 pgs, bibliography lists 12 sources.

50. Alternate Education And Home Schooling In America.

Desc: This essay describes home schooling as an alternative option for American and Canadian families. Details concerning the origins of home schooling, relations to state-curriculum, resources for home schooling, and issues concerning academic achievement and social development are discussed in this 3-page essay. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

51. Alternative Schools: A Viable Alternative for Some Students

Desc: Alternative, charter and similar schools are designed to give disadvantaged students a more efficacious learning environment. Do they accomplish this purpose, or are they simply just another experimental component of the learning process? These are the questions I will explore in this paper, showing the positive and negative aspects of such alternative schools. 9 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

52. Alternatives To Faculty Tenure In Higher Education.

Desc: This essay discusses possible alternatives to faculty tenure in higher education. It begins by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of tenure in this uncertain climate for education funding at a time when there is also a great deal of public pressure for higher education to be more accountable. Is tenure outdated in an academic world striving for more user-friendly departments and universities that are also trying to cut costs? Does tenure create or exacerbate complacency, thereby producing unproductive and unaccountable tenured professors? Or is tenure one of the fundamental tenets of academia and intellectual freedom? This study aims to raise some points on both sides of this intellectual divide, before suggesting some feasible alternatives to faculty tenure. It concludes by making some recommendations on the basis of these findings. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

53. American Education.

Desc: This essay discusses Lawrence Cremin's point about how Americans expect their schools to solve social, political, and economic problems. They have also placed on schools all kinds of millennial hopes and expectations. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

54. American Higher Education: Five Current Issues.

Desc: This six-page graduate level paper discusses five legal issues currently of concern in higher education. Affirmative action, athletics, discipline, discrimination, and sexual harassment issues in the context of a university environment are analyzed, future trends are examined, and key actors and specific events are included to frame the discussion in a historical context. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

55. An Analysis of higher Education in Experiencing Politics by John E. McDonough.

Desc: This paper will discuss the various means of political intrigue in the fight for private verses state funding for education. By analyzing Experiencing Politics by John E. McDonough, we can see the delicate balance that is approached in the ext.

56. An Analysis and Synthesis of Social Lives of Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Desc: The social skills in children with emotional/behavioral disorders (E/BD) are lacking and these skills are needed to face life after graduation. "To a very great degree, the social lives of children define their worlds and are essential to their healthy development" (Panacek and Dunlap 2003). A question that should be addressed concerning students with E/BD is how many normal social interactions and relationships will these students have if they are placed in self-contained classrooms? Will these students adjust to "normal" life if they are never given the chance to be around the "real" world of people? An analysis of two articles concerning students with E/BD and the self-contained classroom will be addressed with a synthesis of these two articles combined.

57. An Argument Against Student Vouchers in California.

Desc: This paper will argue against the situation of school vouchers in the State of California. By issuing school vouchers for students to attend private schools, the Constitutional rights of the private sector invariable intersect with the religious nature of some schools how should not be connected to the government. Although the vouchers give students access to a private education, which some deem better than public, the school vouchers offer religious influence to enter funding for students to attend private schools created by religious institutions. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

58. An Argument for Morality in Public Schooling in America.

Desc: This paper will discuss the nature of the Morality with children and teenagers within the school system in the United States. By realizing the arguments that are created for this, we can understand the notions that American needs to act on some new morality to change the sloping scales of degenerate behavior in this country. The most important arguments will focus on what can be done help educate children and teens in how to learn respect from their elders, and to realize that morality is a very important topic in these times. 6 pgs. bibliography lists 1 source.

59. An Article Analysis of The contribution of Phonological Skills and Letter Knowledge to Early Reading Development in a Multilingual Population by Muter, Valerie Diethelm, Kay

Desc: This paper will analyze the article: The contribution of phonological skills and letter knowledge to early reading development in a multilingual population by Muter, Valerie; Diethelm, Kay. By showing that children learn better through phonological skills and letter association, we can see how Muter gauges reading troubles in future students, and gauges improvement in lerning skills with these tests.

60. An Educational Philosophy Analysis of the Effectiveness of Punishment in Corporal and Exclusionary Disciplines

Desc: This paper will seek to understand how corporal and exclusionary punishments work within a given educational system. By learning of the vraious degrees of the punishments, we can learn just how negatively they run in accordance with school order, and administration. Also, the focus on students reactions will be examined, and reveal the negative findings that both of these punishment options offer.

61. An Effective Teacher

Desc: An effective teacher is someone who provides an academically challenging and fun learning environment. Their knowledge, expression and love of the subject are what motivate students to sing and, moreover, encourage them to sing the piece with passion. These observations were based on the Chamber Choir and University Chorus. Both conductors from these two observations are excellent examples of effective teachers.

62. An Evaluation of a Special Education Case Using IDEA and LRE in Schooling Systems.

Desc: A law study that seeks to understand what applications of IDEA and LRE apply to a special education student named Jose. By understanding how these regulations apply to this particular student, we can understand how law applies to his case.

63. An Examination of Achievement Motivation Among Middle Grade AFrican American Males

Desc: This paper examinations social and educational factors that impact the motivation of the junior high school African- American male.

64. An Exploration of Phonics vs. Whole Language Methods

Desc: This paper provides a brief five-chapter survey of whole language versus phonics reading assessment for students at the K-2 grades. The study of phonics as a language training strategy is highly controversial. Phonics involves the extraction of information from the concept, and thus is believed to minimize the student's later abilities to work with larger information sets. Those who support the whole language teaching strategy believe that the student needs to approach language as a whole, and not minimize their later ability to learn through focusing specifically on phonics.

65. An Integrated Literature Review On Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Desc: This is a 7-page literature review on the diagnosis of ADHD. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

66. An Investigation of Truancy Literature: Keeping Elementary School Students Enrolled at All Costs.

Desc: This paper is a review of the literature available on truancy in elementary schools. Truancy in urban and rural environments differs slightly, and this will be of particular note in treatment. An emphasis on the Truancy Arbitration Program in southern Florida will be noted. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

67. An Organizational Analysis of School Systems

Desc: This paper identifies how and why the general American public education system promotes conformity. The public education system is representative of institutionalization. Through examining the historical and modern factors which promote conformity within education, this paper identifies how the education system does not educate so much as indoctrinate into accepted social norms.

68. Analysis of Importance of A Business School Course.

Desc: A syllabus provides an insight into the methods with which the material is taught. This paper makes a case for a business school course to be taught to a homogeneous class by submitting a syllabus and studying the nature of the students who will receive the instruction.

69. Analysis of Why Boys Outnumber Girls Three to One in the Learning Disabilities Category.

Desc: An analysis of the ratio of boys to girls in the learning disabilities field will be revealed here by case studies, and various other elements of doctoral research that is being to show how boys show a three to one ratio over girls who have learning disabilities.

70. Analysis of the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Desc: This paper is an analysis of the college of nurses of Ontario. The College of Nurses of Ontario was created when the Nurses Act introducing self-regulation was proclaimed in January 1963. "The development of nursing organizations in Ontario from 1922 to 1961 is closely linked to other developments in health care and the feminist movement" (Ford, 1988, p. 5).

71. Anxiety Causing Overblown Fears

Desc: Anxiety is not easy to explain, and can be even tougher with which to deal. However, there has been documentary evidence over the last few years that anxiety has been blown out of proportion. The fear of anxiety alone has created an epidemic of sorts in which people fear anxiety more than anxiety is actually realized within society. Diet and exercise cause more unnecessary anxiety because of the enormity of its myths than perhaps any other subject.

72. Application Essay

Desc: This document is an application essay on the topic of what event or person most influenced the client. The client has provided information on a volunteer experience at a blind school which has led her to additional interest in volunteer activities and service as a leader of her current school's student volunteer group. This document is intended solely for this student and based upon information provided directly from her.

73. Application for admission to graduate program: Masters in Economics

Desc: Application for admission to graduate program: Masters in Economics.

74. Applied Teaching and the Biblical Perspective In Driscoll's Psychology of Learning for Instruction.

Desc: Describes the foundational and contemporary theories reviewed in Driscoll's 2000 textbook on teaching theory. The paper also points out that a biblical (mostly New Testament) perspective can be seen in many of the newer learning theories. The paper focuses on practical applications of these theories to the classroom.8-pages, bibliography lists 1 source.

75. Applying Technology in the Classroom to Encourage Communication

Desc: This paper shall discuss and examine the role that technology can and should play in an educational setting, specifically in the classroom. This paper will argue that one of the greatest benefits of technology as applied to education lies in its ability to foster and encourage new lines of communication that otherwise would not be possible without a telecommunications integration in the classroom.

76. Arab Females In American Schools.

Desc: This is a 9-page paper in MLA style that traces the development and history of the Arab American Female in educational institutes and suggests that they have to face a lot of prejudices from their family and peer groups as they try to adjust. 9 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

77. Are Ideals Unrealistic

Desc: A study of the US education system from Plato's perspective of thought. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

78. Argument for Contracting Campus Food Service Out to Fast Food Vendors.

Desc: This paper takes the form of a persuasive letter encouraging a university to consider contracting out dining services to smaller franchised fast-food style vendors and terminating the large scale institutionalized food service currently in use. It argues that doing so would save the university money and make the students happier

79. Argument for Exercise and Diet Programs in the Schools.

Desc: There is a very simple question we must ask ourselves: should we take legislative, personal, and systemic action now and make such action a permanent fixture in education, who's sole purpose is to prevent and protect children against the problems of obesity? The answer to this, clearly, is yes. Such an approach is justified because our nation is in a health crisis that very few real solutions are being employed to tackle it. The problem of weight, the growing obesity of the United States, and in particular the increasing weight of children has come under a great deal of scrutiny and discourse over the past few years. What is being seen is that, year-by-year, the average school-age child is becoming heavier and heavier, and the health of these children is becoming at risk because of it. While weight is not a problem in the U.S. that is specific to children, indeed the entire adult population is becoming heavier. The effects upon a person's future health are directly affected by their health as a child. Therefore, programs that target this issue, that focus on improving diet and introducing exercise to the children's lives, have become a very big deal in the U.S. It is hoped that, in this paper, the continued need for developing and implementing a variety of systemic programs whose intent is to tackle this issue of weight will be justified and such programs will continue to be explored and developed in the present and the future.

80. Art and Learning

Desc: Arts-based learning is a vehicle through which students can learn subjects such as language, history and mathematics. Moreover, when they learn these core subjects through poetry, song, narratives, painting, dance and drama they not only find that these subjects come more easily in many cases but also that there is better retention. This research found that arts-based learning supports a stronger model for engaging individual learning styles and preferences and tapping into children's "multiple intelligences" even as arts-based learning has the power to increase student self-esteem by encouraging a range of forms of self-expression.

81. Article Review on Education.

Desc: This paper is an article review of an article on single-sex education.

82. Article Review: Why, How, and When Should My Child Learn a Second Language by Kathleen Marcos.

Desc: This review will an article entitled: Why, How, and When Should My Child Learn a Second Language?" by Kathleen Marcos. It will seek to discover the means in which a child should learn a second language and how he or she might go about doing this. By analyzing this article, we can get a brief summary of the way that children learn and discover the possibility of new languages. 2 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

83. Article Reviews and Responses

Desc: This paper shall be a review and response to each of four articles discussing different issues concerning literacy. A quotation from each article shall be highlighted and discussed. An article summary, for each, will be presented. A critique will then be given. And, finally, ideas for implementing the author's ideas into a kindergarten classroom will be described.

84. Article Summaries: Education, Collaboration and Partnership.

Desc: Article 1: Martin, Emma J and Shanna Hagan-Burke "Establishing a Home-School Connection: Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Schools", Preventing School Failure Winter 2002, pp. 62-65.

85. Article by Shimabukuto and Prater (1999).

Desc: This paper is on two different articles. The article by Shimabukuto and Prater (1999) entitled "The effects of self- monitoring of academic performance on students with learning disabilities and ADD/ ADHD" focuses on how a student's inability to concentrate might correspond to their inability to read. The article "The differential effects of two systematic reading comprehension approaches with students with learning disabilities" by Rabren et al. (1999) is one in which reading comprehension among students with learning disabilities is the subject of the study.

86. Assessing School Longevity: Qualities that Promote Long- Term School Survival.

Desc: This paper examines the qualities that are found within schools that appear to have a greater longevity as opposed to those institutions that do not show signs of long- term sustainability.

87. Assessing Special Needs: Education Reading Journal

Desc: This paper is a discussion of the book Assessing Learners with Special Needs An Applied Approach, 4th edition by Terry Overton. The discussion is presented as a reading journal and summarizes my readings from the book and how to best implement in an educational context. This paper presents a synthesis of my readings and thoughts on how to apply them in an educational setting.

88. Assessing the Concept of Civics Education in Terms of Historical Texts: Fighting Against Government- Induced Conformity.

Desc: This paper addresses the current movement to create civics education within the classroom through contrasting existing political philosophies on the subject of conformity against the initiative to teach civics within the classroom. This demonstrates how civics education rather than government education is a form of propaganda that promotes conformity.

89. Assistive (Adaptive) Computer Technology in Education (for the Disabled).

Desc: This fourteen-page educational research paper discusses the use of assistive computer technology for the disabled in education, defining the term as well as discussing the various assistive computer technology devices available to students and the federal laws on disability and special education. 14 pgs. bibliography lists 12 sources.

90. Assumptions of Learning Disabilities and Teaching Methodologies: Three Articles on Overcoming Reading Comprehension Problems.

Desc: This paper identifies the techniques present in three articles that focus specifically on reading comprehension and how educational methods address learning disabilities in terms of reading comprehension and writing performance.

91. Attendance Policy And Its Effects On Truancy.

Desc: This is a 3-page literature review paper on attendance policies and their effect on truancy. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

92. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Desc: This paper looks at this disorder and how Ritalin has been applied and its effects. It is important to understand the drug as well before using it and understanding how it works in context with ADHD. 9 pgs. 12 f/c. 10b.

93. Autism - The Developing Child.

Desc: This junior level paper describes what autism is and how it affects the child psychologically from infancy up until it is 5 to 6 years of age.

94. Autism Statistical Report

Desc: This paper presents a discussion of the incidence of autism and statistical information regarding autism. The main focus of the paper is the incidence of autism that if found in minorities and those cases found in the white race. Data applications and a description of population used for the data will be presented and discussed as well as the general information regarding autism.

95. Autism and Assistive Technology: A Consideration.

Desc: This paper considers the findings in professional journals with specific reference to communication devices which will aid the autistic child in the classroom and in life in general. 5 pgs 11 f/c. 6b.

96. Adult Education: A Search For The Learner.

Desc: In this paper, I want to consider some of the theoretical perspectives that describe and explore the complexity of adult learning. This paper has relied on many cases on feminist-informed theory, because feminism is concerned with groups who are oppressed by dominant majorities. In the case of adult learning, it is not unreasonable to identify these persons as a minority, and so oppressed in the sense that their issues are not of concern to the mainstream public. The paper will follow with a review of some alternative notions of "learner" as a way to re-locate adult education perspectives in the contexts of feminist concerns for minority rights, and the problems which face minority groups on a daily basis. 6.5 pgs. 24 f/c. 10b.