sociology research topics

1. Animal Hair: Forensic Science.

Desc: This paper focuses on the steps involved in examination of animal hair specimen obtained as part of forensic evidence. Forensic science is being extensively used in crime investigations today and hair can thus provide important clues. But the results obtained after examination may not always be accurate because of the limitations of forensic analysis. The paper discusses these limitations along with the kind of results one can obtain from hair analysis.

2. "Adapting Public Consultation to Different Political Cultures".

Desc: This paper began with the central question: How must public consultation be adapted to fit the very different philosophies and assumptions, which underlie different political cultures? The paper sought to identify the assumptions underlying public consultation and some suggestions and recommendations for the practice of public consultation under different flags. While the field of public consultation, also known as public participation and public involvement, has developed in North America since the 1930s, it is now being used around the globe by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and similar organizations. In some cases, public consultation is being introduced into countries where democracy is a relatively recent form of governance with no tradition of either the democratic process or of classic liberalism e.g. civil rights. In other cases, public consultation is being required in countries, which are governed by dictatorships.

3. 'A Democratic Liberal Society Should Treat All The Needs And Preferences Of Its Citizens Equally. To Make Special Provision For Health Care Needs Over Any Of The Manifold Other Kinds Of Need Or

Desc: This paper takes a look at the issue of universal health care and asks if universal health care is unjust and unequal in a democratic liberal society.

4. A 'Global War against Terrorism' and Social Movements in America.

Desc: This paper begins with an analysis of an on-line article that refers to the American "attack" on terrorism. The article assumes an anti-war stance, and this essay examines the social movements of anti-war sentiments in relation to this particular article, as well as in relation to other anti-war movements in America. It is a sociological analysis of social collectives, and describes both American and Canadian anti-war movements, with direct reference to U.S. military and politics. 6 pgs. 5 sources.

5. A Book Review of Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States by Kenneth T. Jackson

Desc: This book review will analyze Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States by Kenneth T. Jackson. By giving a sociological analysis of the book, we can see the borad range of issues that helped to develop the American Suburb.

6. A Brief Examination of Two Research Studies Concerning Social Identity

Desc: This 3-page undergraduate paper examines two research articles - Nedd and Marsh's "Social Traditionalism and Personality: An Empirical Investigation of the Interrelationships between Social Values and Personality Attributes" (1979) and Guimond's "Group Socialization and Prejudice: The Social Transmission of Intergroup Attitudes and Beliefs" (2000). For each research study, this paper examines key information for an empirical groups study, including the number of groups studied, the size of the groups and the composition of these groups. This paper determines whether the authors of each study made use of "ad hoc" or existing groups. Further, this paper examines the methodology, primary theory, and main findings of each study, providing the main points of the research. This paper explores the sorts of groups the studies' theories are meant to address and concludes with an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the research presented.

7. A Compare and Contrast of the Working Woman and the "Stay at Home Mother".

Desc: This paper will discuss the comparison and contrast of working mothers and stay at home mothers in today's society. By understanding the benefits and doubts that are part of the modern sense of womanhood, we can see why there are good sides and bad sides to every coin. By understanding this facet of the modern woman, we can see why this debate is seeking to change how women play a role in society.3 pgs, no bibliography.

8. A Comparison of the Political Theories of Toennies and Durkheim in Modern Society.

Desc: This paper will compare Toennies and Durheim with respect to what each implies or suggests as to the kind of politics possible today in complex modern societies. In doing so, a comparison of each man's analysis of the specific factors will determine the kind of politics each man takes to be possible. By analyzing these differing theories on politics in today's world, a well-balanced comparison can be achieved between these two men. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

9. A Critical Response to the Representation of Marx in Ideology and the Development of Sociological Theory.

Desc: This paper will discuss Irving Zeitlin's work and his treatment of Marxist thought. It will be seen that the primary objective of the text is to "rehabilitate" Marxist theory from the "barnacles" of misconception that have been attached to it since its first appearance. 8 pgs. 11 f/c. 1b.

10. A Critique of the Book Amazing Grace : Examining Poverty and Aggression.

Desc: This paper critiques the non- fiction book, Amazing Grace, by author Jonathan Kozol. Amazing Grace is focused on accurately depicting the lives of children and adults living in the South Bronx and in Harlem. This paper critiques these themes in respect to how Kozol suggests that juvenile delinquency in these communities is a way of life, rather than an ethical decision, based mainly on the conditions of poverty found therein. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

11. A Discussion of the Phenomenon of Single-Mother Families in terms of Social Policy History and Modern Realities.

Desc: This paper will research the issue of single-mother families from both internal and external perspectives. Research into the internal dynamics of these social units will be situated in context with the function and deficits of such units within society as a while. The research claim to be investigated is that single-mother families are - in economic terms - harmful to both parent and children. In terms of quality of home environment in single-mother households, it will be seen that it is impossible to make general statements in this regard given the large number of variables that may be seen to affect the outcome. 10 pgs. 12 f/c. 10b.

12. A Distinctive Family Lifestyle

Desc: The family is the basis of all other social forms, according to Bridgitte Berger; the basis of everything a person comes to accept as normal. As such, each family has a distinctive lifestyle that teaches children everything from how they express feelings about love, how they feel about religion, and whether they can accept living alone or not. How an individual turns out depends upon how he or she was raised.

13. A Doll's House: A Sociological Perspective

Desc: This three page undergraduate paper examines A Doll's House from a sociological perspective. The author notes that Henrik Ibsen's famous story offers many insights into how people interact, what motivates them, and why human relationships develop or crumble. From a sociological perspective, Ibsen's stories revealed the social instincts, gender roles, and pressures which influence human behavior. A Doll's House was one of his most fascinating stories, not only because of its bold commentary concerning deviance in marriage but because of its dramatic social themes.

14. A Future Trend of Crisis Intervention as Part of the Human Services Delivery System.

Desc: This paper examines the emergence of crisis intervention teams as a division of human services. The emphasis of this paper is that crisis intervention is a recent phenomenon brought on through a shift in awareness to the psychological and emotional impacts of a crisis on the person.

15. A Gender Role and Psychological Debate Against Rousseaus on Marriage

Desc: This paper will examine the nature of a gender role and psychological debate against "Rousseau's on Marriage". By revealing how men and women function in today's society, we can refute the sexist and marginalizing views that Rousseau places upon women in his time. By realizing Rousseau's 'naturalism' as an argument, we can see a weak and unformulated opinion refuted through modern psychology.

16. A General Description of the Term Sociology of Sports .

Desc: This paper describes and defines the extremely broad term "sociology of sports" in terms of the impact of sporting events on the human psychology, philosophy, and culture. This is a very general paper and due to the scope only limited conditions are noted. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

17. A Goffmanian Analysis of a Failed Presentation.

Desc: This six-page undergraduate paper is a discussion of an incident involving concealment and disclosure which illustrates the five points in the question. All parts of the question are addressed.

18. A History of Sociology.

Desc: This paper will discuss the nature of sociology in a brief history. By examining the founders of the culture of social thought as a science, will e examined here with an emphasis on the theories of Auguste Comte, Max Weber, Karl Marx, who helped start what was later to be called sociology. BY understanding these greater men of science, we can see how this history of thought began; as well discover the means in which they justified their positions. August Comte will be the justification for the true development of sociology in the beginnings of this field. 7 pgs. bibliography lists 8 sources.

19. A National Memorial Commemorating the Dead.

Desc: This paper contains six short essays that discuss different sociological aspects of death in society. The papers contained here are: A National Memorial Commemorating the Dead, Euthanasia, The Role of Humor in Death, Day of the Dead, Acculturation and the Sociology of Death and Dying, and Organ Donation. 16 pgs. 6 sources.

20. A Rebel Without A Cause: Societal Restraints Within The Peer Pressure Of Adolescents.

Desc: This six-page paper looks at the sociological aspects of the 1950's film Rebel Without a Cause. Taking into consideration the roles of certain key characters and how they react to societal conditions and within the groupings of their peers. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

21. A Reconsideration of Laura Hamilton Thomson's study, "Can the creation of Community Networks enhance social capital in rural Scotland".

Desc: This 4-page graduate paper critiques Laura Hamilton Thomson's research study, "Can the creation of Community Networks enhance social capital in rural Scotland?", pointing out the strengths of Thomson's work and making suggestions for change. 4 pgs, no bibliography.

22. A Research Proposal: Chinese Children at Play

Desc: This paper is a research proposal/outline delineating a proposed study regarding the manner in which pre-school children who are Chinese only play as opposed to the play engaged in by childen who are heterogenous based. The outline proposed why such a study would be important and sets forth some of the parameters and potential problems of such a study.

23. A Social Research Analysis: An Argument for Adopted Children to Acquire Severe Addictive Tendencies in Young Adulthood

Desc: This paper will examine the manners of influence, which suggests a trend in adopted children to grow into substance abusers in early adulthood. In contrast to children who have been raised by their 'natural' parents, we can argue for these adopted children being more prone to addictive tendencies because of their adopted status. By showing case studies in genetic views, as well as environmental views, we can learn why their is proof for this line of sociological theory.

24. A Sociological Analysis of Community Works: The Revival of Civil Society in America by E.J. Dionne Jr.

Desc: This paper will seek to understand a sociological analysis of Community Works: The Revival of Civil Society in America by E.J. Dionne Jr.. By revealing the many different essays of ideology presented in civil society theory, we can understand how Dionne keeps a focus on symbolic interactionist theory to formulate the main points and ideology presented in her book.

25. A Sociological Understanding of the Youth Serial Killer in Today's Culture.

Desc: This paper will discuss the nature of the serial killer in the juvenile stages of development. By understanding the sociological implications that this gives, we will seek the motives for this type of pathology in the world today. By examining the factors that can sociological show the occurrence of this type of crime, we can deduce the themes that can create it. 4 pgs, bibliography lists 3 sources.

26. A Summary of the Article: "Social Worker Jane Addams Advocates Civil Housekeeping".

Desc: This paper will provide a summary of the article "Social Worker Jane Addams Advocates Civil Housekeeping", and seek to understand the Federal control over government that was making the Progressive Party rewrite aspects of the American Constitution.

27. A Theory of Balance in Societies.

Desc: Using the distinction outlined by Robert Carneiro between coercive and voluntary theories of the formation of complex societies, this four-page undergraduate paper explores how historians may need to adopt a theory that balances these extremes. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

28. A Tradition of Mercy

Desc: This paper describes the tradition of the sisters of mercy beginning with some background history on Catherine McAuley, and tracing their journey across the United States. This paper focuses on the feminist aspects of the sister's mission, particularly their goal to help impoverished young women become educated. This paper also draws attention to the ways the sisters have stayed current with the times.

29. A View of Two Worlds: Why Some Countries Prosper While Others Face Poverty

Desc: This 9-page graduate paper considers why certain civilizations, states and societies and succeeded and why others have not, and concludes that colonialism, stereotyping, population growth, geography, education, foreign intervention, and agriculture tend to work in favour of already-wealthy countries while impoverishing developing countries. Colonialism has created a set of economic and psychological legacies which continue to naturalize some states as leaders and other states as "natural" and "child-like" dependants. Agricultural dependancy in the developing world and agricultural technology in developed nations ensure that developing nations are more vulnerable to climate change and shifts in the market. Geography tends to work for developed nations and against developing states, as well, as temperate-climate nations use their impressive research and development funds to create products and technology that largely ignores the needs of those in tropical climates. Since developed nations have decent living conditions currently, changes in population tend to benefit them, while poorer nations find their economies and resources strained by sudden demographic shifts. Some scholars contend that inherent state weaknesses or strengths - especially state willingness to control violence and provide education - contributes to the poverty or affluence of a nation.

30. A Woman's Place is in the Home.

Desc: This essay discusses the historical relationship between women and the home. it shows how capitalism socially constructs gender stereotypes for the sake of social control. The nuclear family serves as the centre of male hegemony in the society. 5 pgs. 9 f/c. 3b.

31. ACS Helps

Desc: This paper discusses the role that the Administration of Children's Services provides to New York City's teenage mothers.

32. AK/SOSC 3300 6.0A: Question 2

Desc: Within this paper, I begin by introducing Question 2 in order to indicate how I will be answering it. I then introduce the eight specific components (which you should memorize) that Winseck uses to examine the relationship between political policies and their effects within the realms of the telecommunication industry. I then use McLuhan's work to examine one of Winseck's components, continue the examination with Rowland's work, and develop it more comprehensively with the work of Collins. In my conclusion, I praise the interventions of political policies in the realm of the telecommunications industry and claim that such policies allow it to maintain a democratic character if they are democratic themselves.

33. Action Research: Manipulation In Key Parties.

Desc: This paper clarifies the discipline of action research and investigates the field of "key parties". This paper works to answer the question, "Is there any real relevance in worrying about the extent to which the power and the sway of the key parties can manipulate outcome?" 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

34. Active vs. Passive Euthanasia.

Desc: This is a reaction to James Rachels' classic of medical ethics, "Active and Passive Euthanasia." Rachels argues that there is no significant moral difference between killing someone and letting them die. The author points out that while this may be true of common murderers, for doctors dealing with terminally ill patients there is a significant difference, dealing mainly with who can claim responsibility for a patient's death. 3 pgs, no bibliography.

35. Adam Smith, Edward Baines, and Authority.

Desc: This essay examines Adam Smith's and Edward industrialization. Both writers bring important ideas related to the nature and origin of authority. In "The Division of Labor," Smith infers that authority originates in an economic process, and that the nature of authority comes from organizing labour. In "Britain's Industrial Advantages and the Factory System." Baines sees authority as residing in a combination of different components that are protected and nurtured by the national government. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

36. Addressing Progressive Social Change Through Examining the Example of Lillian D. Wald.

Desc: This paper explores the contributions of Lillian D. Wald to the area of social welfare policy and the methods she used to achieve innovative policies and reform, with an example of the Children's Bureau.

37. Addressing Social Theory and Nationalism in Respect to the Theories of Durkheim and Anderson.

Desc: This paper compares the link that exists between Emile Durkheim's classic efforts in social theory and Benedict Anderson's new approach to the "imagined community." A focus on nationalism is used to direct this discussion. In doing so, this paper emphasizes that both Durkheim and Anderson argue in favor of their perspective that community is the manifestation of social ideals and norms.

38. Addressing The Correlation Between Health And Income In Unwed And Pregnant Teenage African-Americans: A Review Of The Research.

Desc: This paper identifies the correlation between the health of the mother and the level of income in pregnant and unwed teenage African- Americans. APA Format. 20 pgs, bibliography lists 10 sources.

39. Addressing the Frequency of Violence in Two- Parent and One- Parent or Foster Parent Homes: Determining the Impact of Violence in the Media on Children in a Study Design.

Desc: This paper presents a study design for addressing the impact of violence in the media on children. This study examines one hundred households in terms of parental involvement and the frequency of violence that is found among the children of their households. APA format. 10-pages, bibliography lists 7 sources.

40. Addressing the Nature of Domestic Violence and Women's Learned Passivity.

Desc: This paper addresses the article "Delusions of Safety" by Maria Ann Gillespie. The primary theme of this article is that women of all ages, races, and social classes are still in a position where they can be violently abused by men, and that if at any point that a woman believes that she is safe from such abuse is a "delusion of safety". This paper reviews and responds to Gillespie's article through citing outside sources. 5-pages, bibliography lists 3 sources.

41. Adolescent Depression, Suicide and Sexual Activity

Desc: In this paper we will explore the links between adolescent Depression, suicide and sexual activity. For some time, it has been acknowledged that Depression has reached an almost epidemic scale among teenagers. The causes for depression are wide multifaceted. Recent studies have shown that sexual activity by teenagers leads to depression more often than not. One would think that sexual activity may be a cure for depression for teenagers, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, sexual activity not only leads to depression, but may also lead to suicide. On top of this danger of suicide, there is the danger of STDs, which teenagers are less like to protect themselves from. Let us first look at what depression is and how it manifests in teenagers.

42. Adolf Eichmann: Bureaucracy and Personal Responsibility.

Desc: This paper examines Adolf Eichmann's rationalization for his participation in the Holocaust. Eichmann argues that he was not culpable as he was only following orders. This paper examines that assertion in light of Weber's theories of bureaucracy. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

43. Adoption Assistance Child Welfare Act of 1980 Retrospect and Prospect.

Desc: In 1980, the U.S. Congress passed the Assistance and Child Welfare Act (AACWA), -- Public Law 96-272. This new law required "permanency planning" for all children in foster care and, if at all possible, reunification with their biological families. The law instructed the courts to avoid unnecessary separation of children and families, to reunify families, and, when reunification was not possible, to move toward finding adoptive homes for children. 10 pgs. 20 f/c. 11b.

44. Adoption Versus Abandonment.

Desc: This ten-page paper presents an in-depth discussion on the issue of adoption vs. abandonment. The author of this paper takes us on a tour of the issues of adoption, both open and closed as well as the issue of abandonment. We are given insight through the use of various examples, news stories and anecdotes about the issues at hand and we can compare the two topics ourselves. There were ten sources used to complete this paper. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

45. Ads and Representation.

Desc: This paper argues that advertisements are part of capitalist ideology. They are part of the patriarchal agenda to socially construct certain roles for different groups. They marginalize and exclude the women, the poor, and coloured minorities from positions of power. 9 pgs. 7 f/c. 4b.

46. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicaid.

Desc: This paper is written about Medicaid. Medicaid, instituted in 1965, is a joint federal-state form of health care coverage, and is funded on both levels as a program designed for low-income and needy people.

47. Advertising, Popular Culture and Capitalist Use of the Sub-cultural.

Desc: A 6 page paper comparing two provided articles. Maynard concerning homoerotica as employed to sell men's underwear among other products, and Hebdige's more general comments on the power of subcultures when representing reality via media. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

48. Affirmative Action and the importance of Diversity in the Workplace

Desc: In this paper, we will discuss Affirmative Action and the importance of diversity in the workplace. It is our contention in this paper to show that Affirmative Action is needed to overcome past injustices or eliminate the effects of those injustices. We will show that Affirmative Action creates more equality for all persons, even if temporary injustice to some individuals may result. It is also important to point out that raising the employment level of protected group members will benefit U.S. society in the long run, and that if properly used, affirmative action does not discriminate against males or non-minorities. We need to remember that when it comes to affirmative action, goals indicate progress needed, not quotas.

49. Aggression In Boys Ages 11 To 14 Years Old ~ School Shootings.

Desc: This is a 5-page paper in MLA style that relates aggression in boys to the school shootings prevalent in society today. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

50. Aggression: An Examination of Causes.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper examines whether aggression is caused by environment, genetics, or a combination of the two. The author cites five recent major magazine articles in support of his contention that environment causes aggression

51. Alcohol Substance Abuse & The Family.

Desc: A 8-page paper on the choice of marital partners by adult children of alcoholics.

52. Alcohol and America.

Desc: This paper briefly examines the role of alcohol in American society. It identifies initial social acceptance, then a growing temperance movement that culminated in Prohibition in 1919. Prohibition failed and was repealed. Today, alcoholism is regarded as a disease and treated as such while alcohol is socially acceptable and legal for adults. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

53. Alcohol and Juvenile Crime: An Analysis.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper examines and analyzes the connection between the abuse of alcohol by teens and juvenile crime in the United States. 3 pgs. bibliography lists 5 sources.

54. Alcohol as an Indicator of Domestic Violence

Desc: Alcohol plays a substantial role both qualitatively and quantitatively in domestic violence against women. While certain past casework has underplayed the role of alcohol in domestic violence, the most recent casework supports this fact in countries and societies around the world. Women living in these societies experience a greater incidence of domestic violence when alcohol is involved. They also come to greater physical harm when their male partners consume alcohol.

55. Alcoholism and the Effect on Family and Society.

Desc: This is a 15-page thesis in APA style that forms a correlation between alcoholism as a disease in adults and creating alcoholic children underlining its effect on society. 15 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

56. Alienation: From Marx to Contemporary American Society

Desc: In this paper, we will discuss alienation starting with Marx and working toward a critique of modern American Society. We will explore its beginnings in the works of Marx, and how he built upon the ideas of Hegel through a criticism and analysis of his works. We will then look at the work of Heidegger and compare his thoughts and idea with those of Marx. We will come to learn that these two thinkers are in many ways tied to each other, but are also worlds apart. In the last section of this paper, we will closely examine how alienation manifests itself in modern American society and culture.

57. All Quiet On The Western Front - Book Review.

Desc: This five-page book review explains how Erich Remarque has woven a tale of birth, death and the reality of it happening during a war.

58. Amazing Grace

Desc: This paper briefly explains the advances Mary Richmond brought to the Social Workers arena and then uses these concepts to explore the book by Jonathan Kozol called Amazing Grace, which explains the life of children in the slums of New York, their life, their expectations and the inequalities shown in the education system and the way these people are forced to live.

59. America Faces Off With Bullies And Other Aggressive Behavior.

Desc: This six-page paper presents a discussion about bullying and what causes someone to become a bully. The author takes on a literature review and exploration of the characteristics that cause us to become bullies and offers some solutions in how to handle a bully. There were six sources used to complete this paper. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

60. American Power Dynamics.

Desc: This 4-page undergraduate essay considers three models of power - Elite, plural, and economic - and argues that America is most closely aligned with the elite model. 4 pgs, no bibliography.

61. An Analysis of the Observational Method of Two Cultures.

Desc: This paper will discuss the competitive verses cooperation process between two cultures and discuss how the observational method is used to determine this the case for these studies. By using this method, we can see how it would effective in the scope of the study being done. By realizing that the pros and cons of this way of finding results for the two cultures mentioned (American and Israel), a better understanding of this method of surveying can be brought forth. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

62. An Analysis Social Consciousness as Formed by Capitalism.

Desc: This paper will discuss the issues that build the social consciousness that is created when business and other capitalist enterprises want to fulfill a socialization of the classes to achieve their means to an end. The gender, racial, and sexual foundations for this argument will be presented to show how identities are build within this structure and how they are sustained for the benefit of the few in capitalist society such as America. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

63. An Analytical Research Paper on Human Overpopulation And Fertility Crisis.

Desc: This analytical research paper outlines the issues regarding human overpopulation worldwide as well as the issues related to fertility crisis. This paper establishes a connection between the aforementioned issues. The works cited page appends five sources in MLA format.

64. An Argument for Sociology over Psychology in Emotion, Intelligence, and Suicide.

Desc: This paper will discuss why sociology is more important than psychology when it comes to such issues as emotions, suicide and intelligence that can have a diverse affect on society, but more importantly than what psychology can teach. Sociology discusses more solutions within the scope of a society and therefore, can be a better way to handle the systems that are crated in a society to deal with it more effectively. Some examples of studies will be offered to make these points more clear and to show how sociology is a more important angle on the issues. Furthermore, an example of a future study that may applicable to intelligence will be brought forth by myself to try and make an argument for sociology over psychology. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

65. An Essay on Understanding Deviancy in a Drug Culture.

Desc: This paper will discuss what deviant behaviors mean and how they can affect a person in how they relate to society. By analyzing what the definitions of a deviant might be, by showing an example, a better understanding can be met on how it is defined within the scope of psychology. By taking for instance, a drug abuser, a perception of deviancy can be found in describing an example of what it means to be deviant. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

66. An Examination of Three Stages of Society and Development: Premodern, Modern, and Postmodern Thought.

Desc: This paper describes premodern, modern, and postmodern societies and the stages of transition that occur between each of these specific social periods. The concept of organization between these societies is also explored. Examples from works of fiction are used to clarify the distinctions between these three specific stages of society. 4 pgs. No sources listed.

67. An Experiment Designed to Investigate Bystander Intervention.

Desc: This six-page undergraduate paper consists of a proposal for an experiment related to bystander intervention, as well as the actual experiment. All points mentioned about variables and other requirements are included in the paper. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

68. An Exploration of Group Ideology in Two Wartime Works.

Desc: This paper explores two works that denote group ideology in a period of war. These works are the film "Dr. Strangelove" and the book by Wallace Terry entitled "Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans". 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

69. An Ideal Society

Desc: : This paper will define what an ideal society is, or the concept of. A stand will be taken on how achieve such a society. Additionally, arguments will presented with supporting arguments as to how an ideal society can be achieved. The argument and opinions will be presented in a manner to support the concept of an ideal society. As well ideas and views on how this can be attained will be included. …

70. An Interview with History: Towards a new Understanding of North America during the 1940s and 1950s.

Desc: This 5-page undergraduate paper combines a personal interview and historical facts to give a sense of life in North America during the 1940s and 1950s. 5 pgs, bibliography lists 2 sources.

71. An Investigation into The Emergence of Body Image in Young Girls.

Desc: This eleven-page undergraduate paper is a report (analysis) of interviews. All of it relates to the research question and thesis. The list of questions and individual responses are in Appendix 1. Media material used is in Appendix 2. 11 pgs, bibliography lists 11 sources.

72. Analysis Of a Minor Character And a Protagonist.

Desc: This college paper gives an in depth analysis of the Protagonist, Jack Gladney and his character. This paper focuses on the thinking of the people towards death, culture and media. The paper also compares the character of Jack Gladney and Howard Dunlop

73. Analysis of Article on Teen Pregnancy.

Desc: In 1995, Linda M. Dinerman, Michele D. Wilson, Anne K. Duggan and Alain Joffe, conducted a study to determine the differences in long-term pregnancy prevention in teens between the use of implants, oral contraceptives, and other contraceptive methods. Their study employed a broad experiment that focused on 166 girls between the ages of 12 and 18 who were all sexually active. The experimental study discovered that the use of Norplant was a more effective method of contraception than any other method studied. The authors relied upon a hospital-based clinical setting in which to observe the participants. The study employed a quantitative method of research and was based upon solid theory. The results of the study can be considered statistically significant. APA format. 5-pages, bibliography lists 7 sources.

74. Analysis of Minorities (African Americans, Hispanics, American Indian, Etc. & Women) Employed in Police Departments as Full Time Police Officers in the United States

Desc: This fifteen-page undergraduate paper examines the issue of minorities in police departments across the United States. The author discusses the history of minorities and women in law enforcement, examines police department racial diversity statistics, analyzes the influence of Affirmative Action in law enforcement, and measures its affect on minority communities.

75. Analysis of Social Poilicy: Wrongfully Imprisoned on Death Row

Desc: This paper briefly explores who holds the power in decisions of application of the death penalty. The voters are shown to hold the ultimate form of change, and this is why they are targeted by special interest groups. However, state government members also have power. The example of the death penalty opposition in Mass. in 2001 is used to explore this issue.

76. Analysis of the Debate between Methodological Individualism and Methodological Holism.

Desc: This eleven-page undergraduate paper compares and contrast methodological individualism and methodological holism through social movements and protest groups. Methodological holism is the better tool for predicting group behavior, or at least for viewing it properly. 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

77. Anti-converso Violence: Toledo, 1449

Desc: In this paper we will discuss the Anti-converso Violence which occurred in Toledo in 1449. In this act of violence, Newly converted Christians, known as Conversos, some of whom where quite wealthy, where attacked during a revolt against taxation. Three hundred of them decided to band together and defend themselves. During the attack one Christian is killed. In response, 22 are murdered and numerous houses burnt. These events occurred during a brutal and difficult time in Spanish history. As a way to understand the complexity of the violence which occurred in Toledo, we need to place it into a historical and social context. We will explore the timer leading up to these events. Then we will explore the historical and social repercussions of this violence in Toledo. Specifically, we examine how this Anti-converso Violence set the stage for the Spanish Inquisition.

78. Appearances Matter.

Desc: This essay describes physical appearance and how the way we dress dramatically impacts how people treat us. For any level.

79. Application of Gamsons Theory

Desc: Social movements have formed in order to bring about changes in society that are perceived to be needed by a group of people. Although a multitude of movements have been formed, not all have been successful. William Gamson has studied various social movements and has come up with two measures of success for these organizations. The first focuses on whether other power holders came to accept the group as a valid representative of legitimate interests. The second measure focuses on whether the group gained new advantages for its constituents and beneficiaries and accomplished goals.1 By using this definition, as well as Gamson's theory on what tactics ensures a movement's success, this paper will evaluate several movements.

80. Are Minorities Disadvantaged Because of Their Location

Desc: Why is it so many minorities do not realize success in life? Some reasons offered are that those who live in the inner city have poor family lives and fewer chances to learn, for the best teachers migrate to the suburban schools. Yet, many minorities - including a goodly number from broken homes - are realizing their dream of going to college and enjoying successful careers. In this paper, I will explore the connection between an inner-city upbringing and success. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

81. Arguing Postions

Desc: This paper is aimed at discussing one of the most controversial issues of modern society - abortion. Introduction provides a general overview of the issue, while further a detailed analysis, applying to religious, moral, ethical and social aspects, supports the idea that abortion is a moral choice of a woman that shouldn't be legally prohibited. Conclusion summarizes all the discussed issues.

82. Argument fallacies in criminal intelligence analysis and military intelligence analysis.

Desc: This 4-page graduate paper examines how fallacies of ad hominum arguments, unwarranted assumptions, and improper use of statistical data may occur in criminal intelligence analysis and military intelligence analysis.

83. Aspects of Socialization

Desc: This paper examines the socialization process in terms of the interactionist perspective.

84. Assignment 11.3 & Assignment 11.4

Desc: This paper is in a question and answer format and is built around specific questions for the assignment that are based on charts included with the assignment. The answers to the questions outline the change in income and socio-economic status for ethnic groups as well as gender over periods of ten and twenty years. Combined, these questions briefly outline the development of socio-economic equality in the United States.

85. Assignment 3

Desc: This ten-page undergraduate paper is a combination of objective questions and essay questions. The questions revolve around change and resistance or persistence, and relate to the individual, social and historical,and company context. Change and resistence is the theme whatever the actual topic. The readings are specified, and in the final question they are seen by the internal references.