gender and sexuality research topics

1. A Critique of John White's 'Eros Defiled'.

Desc: This paper is a critique of John White's 'Eros Defiled'. White's book, divided into the sections "Sin, Sex, and You", "Sexual Sins", and "The Church and Sexual Sin", offers extraordinary insights and guidance to Christians interested in navigating the hedonistic seas of contemporary society. Skilled as a counsellor and psychiatrist, White's advice speaks to the core oncerns of those disturbed by society's expectations and their relation to Christian responsibilities. While perhaps 'behind the times' in terms of its attitudes and willingness to discriminate between appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviour, 'Eros Defiled' defines timeless truths about the role of sexuality in our lives. 4 pgs. 4 f/c. 1b.

2. A Different Perspective: Three Views on Modern Feminist Art.

Desc: This paper will examine three general approaches in modern feminist art by three feminist artists. It will be argued that these feminists assume radically different perspectives with regard to their mediums and objectives. Under the general categories of "the Body Politic" (feminism and politics), "the Body Social" (representations of the human body as a site of conflicting social values) and "Decoration vs. Abstraction" (hierarchical double standards with regard to "male" abstraction and "female" decorative arts), it will be shown how these differences in part reflect the shifting phases of modern feminist art, but more importantly signify the diverse multiplicity of modern feminist art. 10 pgs. 9 f/c. 6b.

3. A Doll's House: Isben's Truth.

Desc: This paper is on "A Doll House: Isben's Truth. Isben views about women were obviously right on. He believed to the fullest in spite of society's umbrella of contempt. He saw the plight of women in that era. The "barbaric outrage," was that of having a woman give up herself completely for her husband and family. Society won the ending of the play; that, however, was only part of the battle. To a nineteenth-century audience, however, the idea of a woman casting aside her marriage vows and acting against her husband's will was sacrilegious and obscene; the idea that a mother would abandon her children was at direct odds with nineteenth-century notions of womanhood, which defined women as mothers. Nora's claim that her duty to herself is as important as her duty as a wife and mother was deemed immoral by critics everywhere. Against his wishes, Ibsen was coerced into writing an alternative ending for the play when it was staged in Germany in 1880.

4. A Feminist Perspective on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

Desc: This paper will discuss the differing aspects of feminism in the Jane Austen's book, Sense and Sensibiltity. The focus will be on what influenced Austen and what novelists were influenced by her approach to the feminist issue. Also to be discussed, will be what the options open for women at the time of writing. Austen only writes about the middles classes and skims over the working class female, yet she must have been aware of their plight. This paper will cover these issues and describe the world of Sense and Sensibility within the scope of feminist perception. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

5. A Feminist View of The Dust Bowl Period in American History.

Desc: This paper will discuss the Dust Bowl Era in the history of the United States. By showing the feminine angle on this very hard ear of migrant workers leaving their farms due to dusty weather conditions, we can see how they were viewed in light of feminine testimonials. By analyzing the book Dust Bowl Dairy, by Ann Marie Low, we can learn how women behaved, how they dressed, and what was their role in being wives of migrant workers in the thirties. With all of these factors in mind, we can learn much from this point in woman's history. 4 pgs, bibliography lists 3 sources.

6. A Journal Entry on Transnational Feminism.

Desc: This paper discusses Western feminism in relation to global issues that concern women, and argues for a transnational feminist perspective. Drawing from different cultural examples around the world, this essay attempts to establish the possibility of a feminist ethic that enables cultural difference, and does not impose Western values on non-Western practices. 4 pgs. 8 sources.

7. A Literary Criticism of "Frankenstein."

Desc: This paper explores three forms of literary critique identifying Frankenstein and its traits in order to demonstrate that this process is successful: The three genres are assessed in terms of a formal, a historical, and a feminist perspective.

8. A Look at Feminism in the Scarlet Letter.

Desc: This paper discusses feminism found in Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne reveals a certain image of womanhood that stands out as a central theme; his message of feminism comes across in his main protagonist, Hester. We see her not only as a woman who has committed adultery, but as a woman standing for something bigger than that: Passion. Hawthorne gave women permission to feel passion, to be real, and to step away from what was considered "ideal" for the times.

9. A Summation of "Justice, Gender and the Family"

Desc: Susan Okin takes the controversial position that the social norms of the family create conditions of servitude for women. She deviates from the traditional feminist perspective in defining how the state can promote emancipation through empowerment. One of her arguments is an extension of "entitlement theory", which Okin suggests means that mothers are producers and should be rewarded for labour.

10. Abortion and the Controversy Surrounding It

Desc: The abortion controversy has been fuming for years every since the Roe v. Wade court case. But, truth be told, it fumed for decades before this court case. The major change that Roe v. Wade acclimated was the legality issue of abortion. Abortion and the debates over it have echoed throughout the world for a longer time than anyone contemplates. However, never before has it been considered a civil right or a God given right of control over ones own body. It has been this outward approval of the act by a significant portion of the world and its legalization in various parts of the world that has the controversy raging at an all time high.

11. Abortion: Pros and Cons

Desc: This paper provides a general investigation into the reasons why people support abortion and why there are those who oppose abortion. This paper addresses health, safety, and quality-of-life concerns in favor of abortion, while religious, moral, and ethical reasons are provided for the opposition. This paper draws no conclusions and merely addresses the topic.

12. Abortion: a Feminist Perspective.

Desc: This is a 7-page paper that argues the position of abortion from a feminist perspective claiming that abortion is the right of women.

13. Abstract Of Teenage Pregnancy.

Desc: This is a paper about teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is one of America's growing problems. There are more than 1 million teenagers that are pregnant in the United States. The American Medical Association Report states that sexual activity is beginning at an earlier age. Most teenagers believe that it will not happen to them, but it can and does.

14. Addressing Early Feminist Views on the Suffrage Movement.

Desc: This essay examines Ethel Snowden's reasons for giving women the vote as are presented in her work, "The Feminist Movement." This book was first published in 1913 and Snowden's views might be considered controversial in a modern sense, although they were progressive at the time of publication. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

15. Affirmative Action, Equality and the Law.

Desc: This paper examines the role of affirmative action in correcting past injustices inspired by gender bias. Initially C Mackinnon's aggressive demands for legal intervention to redress gender inequality are outlined. Subsequently, criticisms of this activist approach are considered. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

16. Alabama's Approach to Gay and Lesbian Custody Rights.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper presents the summary of a legal issue in a newspaper or magazine article of a specific diversity issue. The paper will summarize the legal diversity issue, analyze the legal concerns and presents the author's thoughts and beliefs regarding the issue. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

17. An Academic Identity: The (Un)Questioning of Race and Gender in Everyday Life.

Desc: This essay will focus on two narratives of women's personal identity: of mine, and of a (once) close friend. In the process of exploring issues of fluidity and fixity of identity, race and gender (homosexuality), it will depict how academia can both enhance and corrupt one's sense of identity. As such, the narrative illustrates themes of cultural understanding, alienation, and loss. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

18. An Analysis of the Sexual Revolution of the Nineteen Sixties.

Desc: This paper will discuss the sexual revolution of the late sixties and early seventies and expound on the sources of its creation. By analyzing the different angles of this phenomenon, a better understanding of this type of sexuality be expressed in a clear spectrum of thought. By discussing some of the origins and what kept this revolution alive, we can see how it became such a great symbol of sixties era. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

19. An Argument Against Women Stereotypes in Modern Culture.

Desc: This paper will discus, through a classical style of argument, why women should not be labeled in stereotypical roles in society. The paper will find that a woman, even though her role has been of a housewife in tradition, can easily fill the roles that men normally fill in a culture. Three perspectives will show why this is true because women have the same ability to do a man's job, as well as he could himself. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

20. An Argument for Genes on the Subject of Determining Homosexuality.

Desc: This paper will discuss the pros ad cons of choice verses genetics within the scope of homosexuality. By showing that many gays are influenced by genetics in their sexuality, we can see how this creates a point in matter, but in the field of psychology, it is obvious that both have their flaws and positive aspects. Also, the elements of cell structure are as well, a factor in the way that a person may choose the homosexual lifestyle in their lives. With these differing theories we can see how they weigh each other out, but the pros and cons of each argument will make themselves apparent. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

21. An Innovative Solution to the Nursing Shortage: Integrating Gender Roles in Nursing Employment

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the critical issues in the American health care systems that show an increase in the nursing shortage crisis. By acknowledging the gender roles issues that limit the encouragement of men into this field, we can understand why women are the sole employees in the nursing industry. By having men participate in nursing, we can learn how the gap in employment opportunities left open from women who have left of 'male engendered' careers will subside.

22. Analysis of All about my Mother

Desc: This paper discusses the movie "All about my mother." It is a story that begins with the son wanting to know his father. The mother finally agrees only to have the son die. The mother feels guilty about not telling the son about the father so she tries to find the father to let him know that he has a son. The father is a transvestite which the mother is ashamed.

23. Analyzing "Some Like It Hot" for the Social Presentation of the Feminine.

Desc: This paper explores the presentation of the character of Sugar Kane Kowalczyk in "Some Like It Hot" in respect to her role in the film, as well as the era in which this film was made. There is an emphasis on how the Second World War generated a climate of "stability" and "domesticity" in the United States. 3 pgs. bibliography lists 1 source.

24. Analyzing Culturally Unfamiliar Practices - Female Genital Mutilation.

Desc: This paper is an analysis of female genital mutilation as a particular cultural practice. In this essay, a critical cultural feminist approach is argued for, drawing from cultural feminist analyses and legal feminist reviews of the practice of female circumcision. Issues of ideology, philosophy, universalism and cultural relativism are also explicated in this discussion of different perspectives on cultural difference. 6 pgs. 5 sources.

25. Anne Finch's "The Introduction".

Desc: Feminist literature, as opposed to literature by women, upholds a political, cultural, social, or religious stand asserting the position of women as equal to that of men. Anne Finch, a 17th century poet and writer, in her work "The Introduction", presents just such a feminist assertion - that she is a legitimate writer who, because of her gender, has been discounted on every level possible and is relegated to "fashion" and "play". Anne Finch, also known as Anne, Countess of Winchilsea, is one of the earliest feminist writers who plied her craft at a time when women were property and thus had no rights, no say in the world, and certainly no voice that would be heard by men. This is a poem of rage, of frustration, and of righteousness for the author understands that the binds of men are artificial and that she has the truth of the world on her side. Anne Finch wrote before there were feminist slogans, before there were Margaret Sangers and Gloria Steinems moving the feminist movement forward. She, in many ways, was a lone voice in a world that had never heard such thoughts, and had certainly never entertained them. It is the purpose of this paper to examine the symbolism, structure, and meaning in Anne Finch's "The Introduction".

26. Artists Who Love Too Much: Frida Kahlo and George Sand.

Desc: Describes how Sand and Kahlo both used their experiences of pain and love in their art, and how their desire to equal the men in their fields expressed itself in uniquely liberating ways.