tourism hospitality services research topics

1. American National Parks.

Desc: This six-page undergraduate paper is brief general discussion on the American National Parks. It describes the physical environment, climate/weather, vegetation and land cover, the kind of landscapes some parks have and what physical process formed this landscape and what physical processes may still continue to alter the form of these parks. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

2. Global Tourism and the Cause and Effect upon the World's Behaviour.

Desc: This ten-page paper looks at the aspect of Global Tourism and how it affects behaviour of tourists, what sites they visit and how they actually have a cause and effect upon the world's economy especially since the end of the Second World War. Furthermore the paper discusses how certain key archaeological sites are visited and how they along with certain post-processualist views can be seen to be key places for tourists and tourism, these also have a main effect on how they behave and act with certain sites such as galleries, piers or historical regions.

3. The media portrayal of the hospitality industry perpetuates negative perceptions

Desc: The name hospitality implies that we should be good at giving and maturing. Hotels and restaurants are in fact well placed for helping the local charities and the community around them. They have assured particular advantages, which can be channeled into corporate social responsibilities. Research by Wood has shown that one of the perceived factors in the media limiting the employment prospects in the hospitality industry is discrimination based on physical outlook. Some media people have stereotypical views about handicapped employees, considering them to be less productive, less flexible, unable or reluctant to adjust to new technologies or to advance their skills, inclined to absenteeism, and less proficient of engaging in physically demanding or hardworking work.

4. The thesis on which Jasen's entire book is based.

Desc: This paper is a review of the book by Patricia Jasen, Wild Things: Nature, Culture, and Tourism in Ontario, 1790-1914. The book is a socio-historical account of Canadian history, considering relations of early Canadian settlements, tourism, with gender-race-class analysis. The book is ideal for students of Tourism or Canadian history. This essay also includes a short summary of an article by Fainstein, Susan and Judd, Dennis. "Global forces, Local Strategies, and Urban Tourism." 8 pgs. 2 sources.

5. Tourism, Travel and 9/11.

Desc: This paper examines the impact of 9/11on the tourism and travel industries. It introduces the economic goals of the attack and then examines the consequences in one industry. The travel and tourism industry has been severely affected by 9/11 but is recovering.